Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dupe Alert: Sigma Beauty brushes VS Royal Care Cosmetics!

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited for my first blog post! I was contemplating what to write about but I knew it had to be about the dupe I discovered recently. Just like any other beauty lover, I've been lusting over some of the Sigma Beauty brush sets but lets be honest... they are expensive! After doing some research I came about some brush sets that others claim to be very comparable to the Sigma ones. I personally don't have the Sigma ones to compare but review after review recommended these so I decided to try them out.

I'm sure you're thinking "Show me the brushes already!" haha. Alright, here you go :-)
I purchased three sets, here they are:
Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Set

The company is Royal Care Cosmetics and they have amazing deals on these sets of brushes! They are fabulous; super soft and the variety you get is amazing! I would definitely recommend these brushes for someone who's starting to dive into make up or even for someone who is experienced but is looking for great quality brushes. Shipping was quick, I ordered them on a Tuesday night and received them today which is Saturday!

Now, lets talk price! Right now they have a deal where you get the Kabuki Set + Face Brush Set for just $24.95. The first set you see on top includes a flat top kabuki ( perfect for applying foundation), a round kabuki ( perfect for mineral products), an angled kabuki ( perfect for applying blush or bronzer) and a tapered kabuki (perfect for the harder to reach areas). The second set includes miniature versions of the ones previously mentioned. These are amazing at applying concealer.
Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Set

Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Set

I just had to try the Professional 12 Piece Make up Brushes Set because I was in the market for a new complete set and they don't disappoint. This set was $17.95. The set includes everything you need for everyday makeup application. The brushes included are: large angled brush ( perfect for contouring or applying blush), a duo fiber brush ( for a natural make up application), large powder brush ( used to set powder), double-ended foundation and concealer brush, a large shader brush ( for color application), an angled shader brush ( for definition), tapered blending brush ( for blending out harsh lines), eye liner brush ( for applying gel eye liner), blending brush ( smaller than the tapered so its perfect for applying color directly into the crease), a lip brush ( perfect for applying lipstick evenly and precisely), a large concealer brush ( best used for concealing the trouble areas on your face) and an angled liner or brow brush ( for definition on your browns or eyes).
Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Set

Bottom line: I suggest you go to their website and order these right now! I love them and I'm impressed with the quality. My only complaint is that the brushes don't have "names" like others but that's something I can overlook. Lets hope they continue to amaze me after I wash them :-)

PS: I also ordered the brush holder and I love it! It's perfect for organization and for traveling!

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