Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review: Cargo "Let's Meet in Paris" Eye Palette

So many beautiful colors!

I stumbled upon an amazing eye shadow palette and couldn't wait to let you guys know! I have many Urban Decay palettes but this is my first Cargo one. I have to say... the quality is extraordinary! The name of the palette is "Cargo: Let's Meet in Paris" and the palette embodies the name entirely. The pigmentation is great and the color selection complements each other very well. This palette is limited edition so if you like what you see make sure to buy it soon! :-)
Cargo Let's Meet in Paris Palette

The packaging is baroque style which makes it look more expensive. The price of the palette is $39. I found mine at Ulta on sale for $20 and I also had a 20% off coupon which made it a great deal. You can also find the palette at Macys or Last I checked it's sold out on You get 12 metallic/shimmer eye shadows. The amount of product you get is great for the price. I find that this is the perfect holiday palette because its very versatile. You can create beautiful smoky looks or more day appropriate looks too. I love the theme of the palette too, its adorable! The theme is Paris and the eye shadow names reflect that! I'll list the names below with a brief description.
Cargo Let's Meet in Paris Palette

Here are some swatches!
Cargo Let's Meet in Paris Palette
From left to right:
* Macaron- Metallic cream/gold shimmer
* Eiffel Tower- Metallic gold
* Louvre- Metallic silver
* Crème Brulee- Metallic Copper (My favorite!)
* Bonjour- Dark brown with gold shimmer
* Café- Medium brown with gold shimmer
Cargo Let's Meet in Paris Palette
From left to right:
* Baguette- Matte creamy beige
* Croissant- Duo chrome brown to green (Amazing color!)
*Versailles- Metallic hunter green with silver micro glitter
* Madame- Metallic purple with silver micro glitter
* Bastille- Metallic gunmetal with micro silver glitter
* Beret- Metallic black with micro silver glitter
Bottom line: Even though most of the colors are more of a metallic finish I would definitely recommend this palette. I love the colors and they are perfect for the holidays! I have two cons: it does have lots of fall out but that's nothing to worry about if you use a great primer and I wished it had more matte colors. Hopefully you can still find it in store! :-)

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