Monday, August 22, 2016

Review: Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette! (Swatches + Looks!)

Fall Lovers Dream!

Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette
Who else is excited for fall to roll around!? :-D
When I first saw the Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette I quickly thought about the upcoming season and the gorgeous fall colors that I adore! I'm a warm palette lover and even though I own so many already I feel like I can always make room for one more haha. This palette screamed my name and the price made it a no brainer. It retails for $20 which is amazing for a palette with 12 shadows. But... I got an even better deal! Ulta was having buy 1 get 1 free on their collection, plus the $3.50 off 10 and my points!... Let's just say me and my best friend are super happy at almost no cost at all!
Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette
I've been watching MissJenFabulous for years now and I'm so obsessed with her nail tutorial even though I'm horrible at nail art haha. I watched her video where she talks about the palette and the shadow names and I think it's so cool how she went about it! It's pretty much her personality encased in awesome packaging. It also comes with a pretty good brush that matches the exterior of the palette.
Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette
Here are the swatches by row! Looking at the overall color selection I wished she had included a matte medium brown shade to replace one of the matte oranges to add some dimension. I love the tones in the palette but being that your matte shades are all in the warm orange family it makes your eye looks very similar.
But let me stress how beautiful the shadows work together! I will say some are a bit powdery and the shimmers actually have micro-glitter which tends to fall on my face when applying them so that's a bummer. The metallic shades are not super vibrant and foiled how I like them but they look really pretty on the eye. Virgo which is the first shade is one of my favorites! It looks stunning as an inner corner highlight... I actually reach for it all the time regardless if I'm using the palette or not haha.
Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette
The colors may swatch on the lighter side but they build up easily. The mattes blend really well so as a whole this is a great palette for the warm shadow lover in your life. Let's get into the looks!
Ulta + Jenny Fox- Miss Fabulous Palette
I went for a warm crease and purple-plum lid for a daytime smokey-ish look on the left side and on the right is more of an everyday neutral-warm look which I love and got tons of compliments on (which is always good right? lol). 

Bottom line: I really like this palette! I think it's a great price point given the fact that Ulta has an amazing rewards program, great sales and coupons. The color selection is beautiful and the formula has hits and misses but nothing you can't work with. Will I be using this palette this upcoming fall? Heck Yes! I recommend you do too! :-)

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