Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette!

Unique Formula!

Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette
All the Holiday sets and palettes are releasing and I've made a promise to myself to only buy whats different! A lot of them are starting to look identical to previous years which I'm not mad about because my bank account will thank me later haha. So what's so unique about this product you ask? It's a bouncy texture! I was so unsure on how to apply these highlighters but once I figured it out I completely fell in love with the palette! :-)
Basics: I purchased it from for $39 and the claim is that these will leave a naturally radiant glow to your skin. Lets get into my thoughts!
Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette
I appreciate how sleek the packaging is! When I first saw the shades I was concerned that I would only be able to wear Kitten (the middle shade) but this palette is pretty versatile! You can mix the shades to create the perfect highlight and even wear them as shadows!
They are a bouncy formula, kinda like colourpop! It's such a cool concept because when swatched it doesn't look like much but on the skin it's sooo intense yet natural! It melts into the skin beautifully and you can build it up to the intensity you prefer.
I used my mini beauty blender to apply and that was perfect! After 8 hours of wear it still looked stunning!
Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette
Kitten is my favorite! Below I'm wearing Kitten on the left and Transcendence on the right. Kitten is definitely more illuminating while Transcendence is a more subtle opalescent glow. I haven't tried Bronze because it's a little too deep for me right now but it would be beautiful for the summer.
Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette
Bottom line: I love this palette! I took a leap of faith when ordering it but I'm so happy I did! It's simple to use, just make sure to use a sponge rather than a brush. It stays put and you can even layer a powder highlight over for added glow! If you've been eyeing this palette I'd say go for it! :-)

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