Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: NYX First Base Primer Spray!

Does It Really Work?

NYX First Base Primer Spray
I've never been so curious about a product as I was with the NYX First Base Primer Spray! I've been hearing so many great things about a more higher end primer spray but I just couldn't help to think it's just gimmicky! haha. Luckily, NYX released their on version of it for only $8 so I took the plunge and tested it out.
The NYX site claims that it's a new skin smoothing primer spray that keeps your skin feeling soft and refreshed while locking in your makeup. Call me crazy... but this works! :-D
NYX First Base Primer Spray
For $8 you get 2.02 fl. oz which is a pretty great value. I love to spray it on before wearing my actual primer, like the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer, and I've noticed a huge difference! First off, if I have any moisture on my face this primer spray actually soaks it up leaving a really smooth, dry but not dry feeling canvas which helps tremendously when I apply my primer and foundation. Everything goes on smoother and looks so flawless! I didn't notice my makeup lasting longer so I don't think it extends the wear of my makeup but it does make it look a lot better!
I noticed a difference when I didn't use it so let's just say I'm hooked! ;-)

Bottom line: I really like this primer spray! I find that it truly works and would highly recommend to try it out. I don't recommend to use it alone since it wont fill in your pores or fine lines (which I need that) but it doesn't claim to either. I use it before my primer and it makes everything look and go on so much better! It's a great price and such a cool product...pick it up! ;-)

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