Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Everyday Brow Routine! (Drugstore Edition!)

Quick & Easy!

My Everyday Brow Routine
I have thicker brows and always thought that it wasn't necessary for me to fill them in, just pluck and go. Boy was I SO wrong! haha. I've been through a brow journey... trying to find what works and what doesn't. I previously enjoyed the NYX brow pomade but now I have a NEW brow routine that's a lot quicker! Brows are personal preference, I'm pretty happy with how they're looking lately and if you want to know what I've been using keep reading! :-)
My Everyday Brow Routine
*L'Oreal Brow Stylist Prep & Shape Pro Kit in Medium to Dark - This kit was heaven sent! It comes with everything you need to prep and fill in your brows. The tweezers are really good, the spoolie and angled brow brush gets the job done right, really great tools to have. I use the wax to outline and shape my brows and then I go in with the brow powder to fill in. The colors are perfect for me but if you need something lighter they do sell the light to medium kit! It's $15 which is totally worth it to me since it comes with everything you need and it's so tiny!
My Everyday Brow Routine
*Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in Browny Brows- This is one of my favorite purchases in a long time! First, it's only $2.99! Second, it works so well! I highly recommend this product because it helps keep your brows in place and it also contains tiny fibers that makes your brows look fuller! I love to use it on it's own for a quick brow day or after using the L'Oreal kit. I use it to take away the powdery look after using the kit. Can't say enough great things about this product! :-)

If you're looking for products to spruce up your brows I would recommend these in a heartbeat! The best part.... they are at the drugstore! Completely accessible and coupons are always available!

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