Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: L'oreal True Match LUMI Powder Glow Illuminators! (Ice, Rose & Golden!)

Highlights At The Drugstore!

Highlights... at the drugstore?! *jumps up and down* L'oreal got me excited when I saw not one... but three highlights to suite many skintones! That's how you release a product! haha. I loved the packaging and the price was right during the ULTA 40% off sale a few months back. They normally retail for about $12 which is pretty high for drugstore. But there's always a sale! :-)

I got all three and I've used them for a while so hear are my thoughts! The powder isn't the silkiest feeling if you compare them to Becca highlights for instance. Nor are they the most pigmented but they are buildable and beautiful on the skin! They have tiny shimmers throughout the powder that add dimension to your cheekbones which I love. They last and I really appreciate the different tones they offer! I noticed the best way to apply them is specifically with a fan brush. It gives a gorgeous natural, subtle highlight. With that said if you prefer a "wet look" or an intense highlight these are not the ones for you. Let's get into each one!
L'oreal True Match LUMI Powder Glow Illuminator in Ice
Ice: this is the cooler toned highlight, better suited for lighter skintones. I have a light-medium skintone and it looked really pretty on! I love the colors, in the light it looks white with a shift of lilac. In the swatch is every color swatched alone plus the all of them blended together towards the end.
L'oreal True Match LUMI Powder Glow Illuminator in Rose
Rose: this is the neutral toned highlight, pretty much can work on anyone. This one is my favorite! I love the rosey champagne color it becomes when you swirl all the shades together!
L'oreal True Match LUMI Powder Glow Illuminator in Golden
Golden: This is the last one and it has a warm undertone, suitable for deeper skintones. I actually used this one a lot during the warmer months and loved it! I looked more like a bronzey blush topper, a little to dark to be a highlight on my skintone but really pretty nonetheless.

In this picture I'm wearing Rose so you can tell that it's not the most intense highlight but I actually like it that way. I have my days where I need a little something but I don't want a lightning bolt across my face haha so this is perfect! If you wish to intensify them they also released liquid illuminators to pair with each powder so that's an option for ya!

Bottom line: I'd say give these a try! I really enjoy them. Would I pay full price for them? Maybe not, I find $12-$15 to be too expensive for the drugstore but that's the best part about shopping at the drugstore... sales and coupons! :-)

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