Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dupe Alert: Affordable Dupe For Mac Twig Lipstick!

Twig For Less!

Affordable Dupe For Mac Twig Lipstick
Mac Twig is a staple color year round. It's a great neutral that goes with everything! Back in the day I was into "treating myself" with a Mac lipstick here and there. I quickly realized how expensive and unpractical it was so I stopped... (unless it was an awesome limited edition shade haha). Shades like these are more common and today I have a really affordable dupe to share with you!

Avon has a line of lipsticks called Beyond Color which is amazing and they so happened to have a shade called Twig! I was like..."hmmm maybe it's a dupe!" and it's very similar. Avon Twig has more brown tones while Mac Twig has a hint of mauve but definitely in the same color family. Plus you can always wear a lip liner to make them super spot on. They're both a satin finish and long wearing. I personally appreciate the benefits of the Avon one because it's formulated with jojoba oil, caffeine and pomegranate extract which helps makes your lips look fuller! It also has SPF 15 which is pretty cool too. The Avon lippie retails for $8 but it's on sale for $4.99 which is a steal! 
Affordable Dupe For Mac Twig Lipstick

Hope this dupe was helpful! If you know of any other Mac Dupes leave me a comment down below!

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