Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: J.CAT Beauty Sunset Boulevard Eyeshadow Palette! (Swatches + Look!)

NEW Drugstore Palette!

J.CAT Beauty Sunset Boulevard Eyeshadow Palette
J.Cat Beauty... you had me at Sunset! haha. Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the NEW J.Cat Beauty Sunset Boulevard Palette. I ordered mine from for $14.99 and it's only available online. This palette intrigued me for so many reasons, one being the color scheme, I mean it's beautiful! Another reason was the format of the palette. I love how there's two rows of mattes and two rows of shimmers just like the LORAC palettes. I've tried it out so lets get into the details!
J.CAT Beauty Sunset Boulevard Eyeshadow Palette
This was my first time trying J.Cat Beauty eyeshadows and I was pleasantly surprised! The matte shadows are so smooth and blend so well! I do think they could've exchanged some colors for others because some of them look very similar on the eyes (mattes and shimmers). The shimmer shades were very pigmented and almost creamy to the touch. They reminded me of the City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadows but a little chunkier. They crumbled up as soon as I put my brush into them but once they got on the eye they applied great. I love the metallic finish of the bottom two rows, so pretty!
J.CAT Beauty Sunset Boulevard Eyeshadow Palette
Here's a look I came up with using the palette. I wanted to do something different so I used the purples and I love how it came out! There was fall out but not too much. My main con with the palette is that there's not many light shades. There's no brow bone or inner corner highlight which is a bummer.

Bottom line: If you're a warm shadow lover this palette is for you! I love how it mimics a sunset just like the name but I will say that most colors are very similar. I owned the Morphe 35O palette and sold it because even though the colors were gorgeous, I didnt need 5 of the same shades! That's kinda the same feeling I'm getting with this palette. The plus side is there's only 24 shades vs 35 haha.

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