Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: NYC Expert Last Lipstick!

Spring Shades + Great Price!

NYC Expert Last Lipstick
It's starting to feel a lot more like Spring here in Utah and what better way to embrace it than with new bright lipsticks! While visiting my local Walmart I came across the NYC or New York Color display and quickly notice a brand new lipstick line. I tried some of their other ones before but to be honest they were not good. In that case you got what you paid for...which wasn't much. This new line called Expert Last Lipstick is really amazing! For less than $2 you're getting cute packaging, bold pigmentation and a long lasting formula!
The line has so many shades to choose from but my only complaint is that only a few of them are cream finishes. For the most part the others are frosty or shimmery. So since I always stray away from glittery lips I purchased 2 cream shades. The packaging matches the color of the lipstick which is always a plus. It comes with a clear cap that snaps on shut, nothing too out of the ordinary. You do have to be careful though when you put the cap back on because the lipstick doesn't go all the way down so it's possible to crush it haha.
Here are the colors:
NYC Expert Last Lipstick
From left to right:
*Forever Fuchsia- A bright blue based pink/purple, stunning!
*Berry Me- A mauve berry, perfect for wearing everyday! Plus the name is so cute! haha
The colors are so bold and creamy. They keep your lips moisturized even when the color starts to fade. But don't worry, it's lasting power is about 4-5 hours so it won't budge for a while!
Bottom line: These lipsticks are superb! For less than $2 your getting a greatly formulated lipstick that won't disappoint you. The other lipsticks that NYC offers are not as great plus they have that plastic smell that irritates me. These smell awesome, look awesome and are just....Awesome! ;-)

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