Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review: bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush Cleaner!

Keep Your Brushes Squeaky Clean!

bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush Cleaner
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say: I hate cleaning my brushes! haha. It's so time consuming and waiting for them to dry... just a long process that I tend to avoid.  As much as we all dislike doing it, it's definitely necessary to keep away bacteria and keeping a healthy complexion. I purchased the bh Studio Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner to incorporate into my daily routine to try to keep my brushes as clean as possible.
It's less than $10 on the bh cosmetics website which is a pretty great price!It's super easy to use, I just spray it directly on the brushes and wipe the product off on a paper towel. Instantly the brushes are super clean on the surface. Keep in mind, you still need to deep clean your brushes at least once a week so you can remove all the product build up. 
It's great for keeping your eye brushes clean so you can dip them into different colors when needed. The one thing I did notice was that the brush hairs on some of my brushes began to shed. They felt slightly drier than usual so I held back on using it on those brushes so often. The rest were intact, for example my E.L.F brushes were good as new. Overall, it's a great product have at hand.

If you have a daily makeup brush cleaner that's affordable and gets the job done leave me a comment down below so I can give it a try! C'ya! :-)

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