Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sale Alert: Coastal Scents 40% Off The Entire Site!

Time To Stock Up!

Coastal Scents 40% Off The Entire Site
If you haven't taken advantage of this sale... you need to stop whatever you're doing and check it out! haha. Coastal Scents is a very affordable brand but don't let the price tag fool you, they have some amazing products! Prices are amazing to begin with... so 40% off the entire site is a complete steal! I've reviewed a bunch of Coastal Scents products in the past so make sure to check out my previous posts for details! Off the bat I can highly recommend the Revealed, Revealed 2 and 26 Shadow Blush Palette because they are totally worth it! The Revealed palettes are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes, so if you want something similar but not too expensive these are great alternatives! 
Coastal Scents 40% Off The Entire Site
Apart from the palettes their brushes are some of the best ones out there! I have so many of them in my collection and they held up really well. I wanted to include some of my favorites, just to give you an idea on which ones to purchase!
Coastal Scents 40% Off The Entire Site
First off we have the Classic Blush Angle Large Synthetic, great blush brush and guys... it's so soft!! Next we have the Classic Shade and Fluff Medium Natural, Classic Shadow Medium Natural and Classic Shadow Large Natural! These are the best brushes for eye shadow! They get the job done so well and having different sizes is great to achieve a variety of looks. The last one I have is one of my favorite brushes ever: Pro Blending Fluff!! I have about three of these haha because it's that good! It's amazing for blending out your transition or crease shade. Other brands have similar brushes but the price on the Coastal Scents website is unbeatable! All of these brushes are under $4! 

Hopefully this was helpful for you guys! If you been wanting to try any of the Coastal Scents products now is the time ! :-)

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