Saturday, January 16, 2016

Best of E.L.F Cosmetics! (Review + Swatches!)

My Top 3! 

Best of E.L.F Cosmetics
E.L.F is one of my favorite brands! There's so many things to try without breaking the bank and overtime I've fallen in love with their products, enough to earn a permanent spot in my makeup routine! :-)
Today I have my top three E.L.F products to share with you. This is what I was loving all throughout 2015 and carrying over to now! 
Best of E.L.F Cosmetics
First off we have the E.L.F Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum. Any of the baked shadows are amazing but my favorite is Burnt Plum! It makes a beautiful one shadow look since it can be worn wet or dry. You get tons of product and the baked formula is awesome!

Along the lines of baked products we have the E.L.F Baked Blush in Rich Rose. I loooooove this color! I'm surprised I still have so much left because this is a go to color for me. The veining turns this color into a warm peach-rose shade, so unique and beautiful when you wear it with a warm eyeshadow look! It's a great year round color.

Last but definetely not least is the E.L.F Contour Palette! <--------- You NEED this! This has to be my most favorite E.L.F purchase ever. I use it everyday, mainly for the banana powder to set my concealer. The highlight shade is alright so I don't get much use from that one. But the contour and bronzer shades are also amazing! The formula is very smooth and so easy to blend and for only $6... this is a steal!
Best of E.L.F Cosmetics
Here is a swatch of the eyeshadow and blush! :-)

Hope this post was helpful if you've been wanting to try E.L.F and don't know where to start! I highly recommend these products and you can't go wrong because they are affordable but also great quality! :-)

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