Monday, July 28, 2014

Must Haves: Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes!

Inexpensive & Amazing!

Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes
My heart has a soft spot for the Jordana Powder Blushes! They were the first blushes I ever owned and part of my daily routine when I first started using makeup :-) They're priced at $2.49 each and can be found on, Kmart and Walgreens. Jordana recently had a 25% off sale and I took advantage to purchase these plus a few others things, everything was dirt cheap! Milani and Jordana are sister companies so their products are very similar. Their blush line has a huge range of colors and few newly added shades that are gorgeous. If you're looking for a specific blush color you're sure to find it!
Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes
Four out of the five blushes I purchased are matte and we all know how difficult it is to find a good matte blush at the drugstore! They are super smooth and pigmented which I love. They are not powdery at all and the color is buildable. Packaging is just a twist off cap, simple but still sleek. Here are the blush names(click to enlarge!):
Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes
Here's a closeup of the blushes plus swatches:
Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes
*Hot Raspberry- A bright magenta with a matte finish, would look great on deeper skin tones!
*Passion Rose- A light rosey pink with a matte finish,  perfect for everyday.
Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes
*Peach Blossom- A peachy coral with a matte finish, gorgeous!
*Sweet Honey- A light terracotta with a matte finish, one of my favorites + perfect for the summer!
Jordana Cosmetics Powder Blushes
*Tender Tearose- A medium rose with silver shimmers, a great fall shade.
Bottom line- I'm so in love with these blushes and highly recommend them! They are so affordable yet don't lack on quality because they are long wearing. The colors are gorgeous and for the price you don't feel guilty owning more than one haha. If you're looking to add some diversity into your blush collection make sure to pick some of these up! :-)


  1. I agree. They are great and so cheap!

    1. They are amazing! I gotta catch them all like pokemon haha ;-)