Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Jordana Cosmetics Lipsticks! (New Shades!)

Opaque Lipsticks!

Jordana Cosmetics Lipsticks
Recently Jordana Cosmetics had an amazing sale site wide and I decided to finally give some of their lipsticks a try! I love their blushes and reviewed them in July so make sure to check out that post! Jordana offers two types of lipticks, shines and mattes. Today I'll be reviewing the shines so stay tuned for the mattes :-)
Within the shines there's a few different finishes like pearl, shimmer and frost. I decided to choose all cream finishes because honestly... its the only finish I like haha. There's so many shades to choose on so definitely check out the site! Jordana is also sold at some drugstores, like Walgreens.
Jordana Cosmetics Lipsticks
These lipsticks retail for only $1.49 which is a steal! Now, the packaging isn't the best, it definitely feels cheap but... the formula of these lipsticks makes me overlook that! These lipsticks are super creamy and opaque in one swipe. They don't tug or drag on the lips; its actually the complete opposite! They glide on so smooth, just perfect. The formula is very similar to the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks which I kinda expected since they are sister companies. You're getting the same quality with simplistic packaging. They smell really yummy too, kinda fruity!
Jordana Cosmetics Lipsticks
Here are some swatches! Instantly you can tell how smooth and pigmented these lippies are. Three out of the four (the brighter shades) are brand new colors to the line. These colors are perfect for the summer time and if you're a bright lip lover like me its perfect year round ;-)
Here are the lip swatches:
Jordana Cosmetics Lipsticks
*Mauve- a pink-brown, perfect color for everyday! It actually reminds me of the lip color Kylie Jenner has been rocking that everyone is raving about. She uses Mac but you can get the same look for under $2!
*Coral Flame- a bright coral- pink, stunning color for this time of year. It slightly gathered on the inside of my lips where they were beginning to peel but that's just my lips not cooperating haha. I love this color and this is one of the new shades!
Jordana Cosmetics Lipsticks
*Creamy Berries- a violet mauve, it looked darker in the tube but still a gorgeous color!
*Red Volt- a red with orange tones, its perfect for the holidays or a night out! It's really bright and pretty!
Bottom line: These lippies are amazing! They keep your lips moisturized throughout the day and they are pretty long wearing as well. I wore Mauve to work recently and it lasted all day. Even after eating the color stayed on pretty well. My only con is just the packaging. I don't gravitate towards lipsticks that don't twist down all the way because they are prone to nicking. Also, some actually didn't click when you twist them down so they ended moving around in the tube, causing them to crash into the cap. Since they are so inexpensive it doesn't bother me too much. Now... if a $25 product did that I would go crazy! haha. I'm really loving these and the color selection Jordana has to offer. I actually placed a new order with a bunch of fall shades that I can't wait to receive! :-)

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