Monday, May 12, 2014

Need it Or Leave it: Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection!

What's Worth Purchasing?

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection
Wet n Wild has a new limited edition extension to their Fergie Center Stage line and I managed to pick up three of the items! The display was a bit confusing because there was a mix of the limited edition items with permanent you have to look really closely to determine which were which. I purchased the items at Walgreens which at the time was having 25% off the entire line (Wohoo!). Wet n Wild is inexpensive to begin with so when I noticed the sale I was like YES! haha.
They had a few LE eyeshadow palettes but I decided to give Mixing Metals a try. I instantly fell in love with the shimmering rose-gold shade on the top right corner! But, after giving it a full go I wasn't too impressed. Here's a close up of the colors:
Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection
Mixing Metals is just like the name says: metallic eye shadows. This palette isn't a stand alone type palette since they are all shimmery colors and there's not a matte shadow in sight. All the colors swatch amazingly on the skin with primer but on the eyes I was having issues with the color not showing up, only the glitter did. It had fallout because of that so overall it wasn't my favorite item I picked up. You definitely need to wear a base under these colors to have them show up on the eye and for the most part they would  work better wet. The colors are beautiful which is why I didn't return it and I figured I could make it work. Here are the swatches:
Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection
I know there's a limited edition neutral palette that was out of stock when I was purchasing these so I would recommend giving that one a try rather than this one. I heard great things about the neutral one! I might go back to see if I can find it but... let's be honest I don't need another neutral palette haha. I picked up another palette from the permanent line that I will include in a post later on. :-)
So the most exciting part of this mini haul were the lipsticks! These were amazing and such saturated colors! I guess you can tell that I love them huh? Here are the colors/packaging:
Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection
The packaging is just like the Fergie lipsticks from the permanent line, super sleek and beautiful. The colors I chose have the cutest names! haha. Here are the swatches on my hand and the names:
Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection
*Cray Cray- a bright magenta/ hot pink... LOVE IT! This has to be my favorite from the entire Fergie lipstick line thus far. It's super creamy and vibrant! I wore it to work and got so many compliments. It's a color that would work with so many different skin tones too!
*Swerve- a bright pink-coral that looks amazing on as well. It's the perfect spring shade and with a pop of orange in your blush this would pair perfectly!
I just can't get enough of those names haha. I love this formula a lot more than the megalast line from Wet n Wild. It's just so buttery and never drying! And for less than $4? These go above and beyond! Here's what they look like on the lips:
Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Limited Edition Collection
Bottom line: From what I tried I would skip on the eyeshadow palette and go for the lipsticks! The palette wasn't anything special but it doesn't discourage me to try some other colors to see if there's any fabulous ones from the line. The lipsticks are truly amazing. I have no complaints! These can easily be Mac Dupes at a much affordable price. Make sure to check them out if you like these bold colors before they're gone! :-)

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