Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Milani Baked Bronzers! (Limited Edition Shades!)

New Matte Shades!

I love the Milani baked blushes so when I saw that Milani came out with two limited edition matte bronzers my heart skipped a beat! I ordered them immediately and now that I have them... I'm more in love! Milani has three bronzers that are permanent to their line but they are shimmery, these are matte which is what intrigued me. They are limited edition so if you're interested in these shades make sure to place an order on milanicosmetics.com or visit your local Kmart to see if they have them!
Alright! So here are the bronzers! Just like the other baked products from Milani these don't disappoint. They are so smooth and rich in pigment. I've tried both shades and they blend like a dream. I've used them both for contouring and to add some all around color to my face and they work amazing! My fear with bronzers is that when don't blend well they end looking muddy but with these you don't have to worry. They retail for $8.99 which is pretty affordable, the size of these are double of the blushes too. I'm always looking for a great alternative to my Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer because lets face it... I'm not going to have an extra $30 to spend every time I run out haha. Even though the undertones are not similar they are still really good!
There's a darker shade and a lighter one so Milani did an awesome job with the color selection since it would suite most people. Here are the swatches:
*Sienna- this one is the darker of the two, it has more orange tones so it would be perfect for when I get some color!
*Sunset- this is the lightest shade and my personal favorite (now at least haha) since I'm still pretty pale. This one has a golden tone so its more suitable for lighter-to-medium skin tones.
They come with these tiny brushes that people tend to throw away but these are actually pretty great! I've used them to contour and they get the job done. Give them a try before you think of tossing them! ;-)

Bottom line: I'm obsessed with these bronzers! I highly recommend them because one: they are matte and two: they have great pigmentation and those qualities are pretty rare in drugstore makeup. I love my Too Faced bronzer but these are a great alternative and much more affordable. It's a streak free product that will quickly become an essential for the summer time so make sure to pick one up before they're gone! :-)


  1. I was so impressed with the matte blusher formula, so you know I'm going crazy right now!!! :) Definitely need to get my hands on that lighter shade!


    1. Yes!! It's an amazing formula and the bronzer is awesome! :-D