Friday, May 23, 2014

What Have I Repurchased?! - Lip Edition!

Favorite Lippies!

Spring Lip Colors!
Hey everyone! Welcome back! I have an exciting post today that I hope will be helpful for you guys. I love trying new things, specially lip products, because there's so many different colors, finishes, formulas, etc. I normally tend to purchase 1 or 2 colors of one brand and move on to the next. But I thought it would be informative ( and fun!) to include what products I've repurchased! These are my favorite lippies at the moment. They are such great formulas that I needed to go back for more! I have full reviews on each of the original colors that got me hooked so make sure to check them out for more information.  Lets begin! :-)
I repurchased two more colors of the NYX Butter Lipsticks because they are amazing! The formula feels really light and hydrating on the lips + they are really pigmented. I feel like when you use these lipsticks your lips look so juicy! They are a glossy finish which is wonderful. They have a nice range of colors too! These retail for $6 each but you can often catch them on a BOGO sale at Ulta. The colors I purchased this time around were:
Spring Lip Colors!
*Fireball- a deep coral, such a gorgeous color and perfect for spring/summer!
*Pops-  a mauve color, one of my favorites lipsticks for everyday wear. It pairs well with any eye look and its so easy to just throw it in your purse and go!
Next up is the NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color! These by far are my favorite jumbo lip pencils! Every brand known to man has come out with their version but I love these so much that I went back for more colors. They are only $2.99 each and can be found at Walmart, Kmart and on They smell incredible too! They are really pigmented and smooth on the lips. The lasting power is awesome so these are a must have! In my original review for these I purchased more deep colors for Winter but I decided to stock up on lighter, more spring/summer appropriate colors. Here are the ones I purchased:
Spring Lip Colors!
*Park Slope Peach- a nude peach color that is really pretty on. I'm not a huge fan of lighter nudes but this one looks great on because of those peachy tones.
*Canal St Coral- a bright coral with more orange tones. This one is my favorite because the color is gorgeous! I've been wearing this one non stop.
*Brooklyn Brown Stone- a neutral mauve color, another color that is perfect for on the go. You don't have to worry about maintenance with these because they stay on really well.
The names on these are also really cute! Make sure to give these a try!
Now last but not least is the NYC Expert Last Lipstick! I reviewed these recently and fell in love! They are only $1.99 and they glide on like a dream. I've purchased all the cream finishes they offer in the line. The rest of the colors are more of a frost finish which I stay away from. These are really pigmented and creamy. They tend to become a bit drying after a few hours but you can quickly fix that with some lip balm. Here are the colors:
Spring Lip Colors!
*Air Kiss- a deep magenta, really beautiful and right up my alley! I love these rich colors for a night out or during the day with minimal makeup.
*Smooch- a light pink, perfect pink for light-medium skin tones. It doesn't wash me out and it stays put. This reminds me of a Mac lipstick... maybe Cream Cup or Snob! So this would be an affordable alternative.
So there you have it! :-) These are the lippies that I've repurchased because they were overall outstanding. The formulas and color selection is great for all of these lines and I highly recommend them. While writing this post I realized that all of these products were from the drugstore and super affordable. It just played out that way which is great because it goes to show that there are some hidden gems out there. If you're loving any of these as well or have some other lippies to recommend leave a comment down below!

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