Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review: Hard Candy - So Baked Contour Trio!

Want a Healthy Glow?! Try This!

Hard Candy - So Baked Contour Trio
I've haven't been so excited about Hard Candy in a very long time! Out of all their products I must say their baked products are out of this world! They are really amazing and worth the price. Other things in their line tend to be gimmicky so I stay away from those. Hard Candy came out with these new So Baked Contour Trios in 4 shades and I have 2 of them to review for you today!
First off is the price: these retail for $9.00 each at Walmart so its really accessible to everyone! They have a pretty good range to choose, great colors to suite different skin tones. The packaging is just like their other baked blushes and bronzers, just a slight bit bigger. The product size is pretty decent, you get 11g. Since its a 3-in-one product the individuals sizes are a bit smaller than what I like but you can still work with it. I found that the ELF Blush brush (just $3!) was the perfect size to use. You get right into the color you want without blending the others, so its the perfect tool for this product! Here's a close up of the colors:
Hard Candy - So Baked Contour Trio
So Baked Contour Trio in 3 Strikes- this trio is the darkest of the two that I own. Being that it's a baked product all three shades leave such a beautiful sheen on the skin, that makes you glow! The blush shade in this trio is a bright pink that goes on smooth. The luminizer/highlight is more of a champagne color, really pretty! The bronzer is a bit dark but amazing nonetheless. They are all really pigmented and awesome quality for only being $9. I'm super impressed!
Hard Candy - So Baked Contour Trio
So Baked Contour Trio in 3rd Wheel- the bronzer is lighter in this trio than the other one. This is the first out of the two that I tried and I fell in love! I wore it to work and it lasted all day! I used all three shades and it looked really beautiful, as if you're glowing from within. The blush is a more coral pink and the luminzer/highlighter has more pink tones too. I was hesitant to use all three at the same time because I didn't want to look like a disco ball haha. But when they all blend together it looks amazing! The bronzer isn't patchy and the blush is gorgeous, just make sure to use a light hand. I think this one is my favorite out of the two, it suits my skin tone a lot more and I have no complaints!

Bottom line: I love this product and I'm very tempted to purchase the other two I'm missing! (hoarder...I know! haha) But it's really that good! I suggest you check them out on your next trip to Walmart because there's nothing like this in the drugstore. This is going to be perfect for spring and summer. A light foundation, this trio and a tinted lip balm and you're good to go! This gets an A+ from me, make sure to give them a try. :-)


  1. MUST GET MY HANDS ON THESE!!! Too gorgeous to pass up ;) Thanks for the swatches!