Monday, October 20, 2014

Must Haves: Top 5 Wearable Orange Makeup Products! (Fall Edition!)

Orange is the New Berry!

Top 5 Wearable Orange Makeup Products! (Fall Edition!)
Orange can be a difficult color to wear but today I wanted to share with you my favorite orange products that can be worn without hesitation! :-) I love to be daring with my makeup , whether it be a bolder eye or a bright lip and Orange is the way to go. It's definitely a color that many stray away from in the fall but that's when I love to integrate it! It makes you look full of life and brings some interest back to the face. Let's start off with some lip products shall we!
Top 5 Wearable Orange Makeup Products! (Fall Edition!)
Just like their shown in the picture they go from sheer to BOOM! haha. These are all great formulas that I've raved about in previous posts and the best part? They are super affordable! Here are the lip swatches:
Top 5 Wearable Orange Makeup Products! (Fall Edition!)
*Covergirl Colorlicious Lip gloss in Succulent Citrus- a light wash of tangerine, great for keeping your lips moisturized! The formula isn't sticky so you do need to reapply often but they smell great and feel amazing on. This will run you about $7 at your local drugstore.
*Jordana Lipstick in Pumpkin- a true orange color, perfect for this month, even the name is awesome! haha. The formula is very smooth and opaque in just one swipe, love it! These lipsticks can be found at Walgreens, Kmart or for less than $2!
*NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco- an orange-red, such a stunning and bold color! I love this formula because it's not drying at all but it looks so daring once it settles! This is the brightest of the bunch but it can be applied lightly or full on for a pop of color! These are only $6!
Next up we have eye shadow and blush!
Top 5 Wearable Orange Makeup Products! (Fall Edition!)
Orange makes a beautiful transition/crease shade! In the fall, brands release palettes with warmer tones. This Milani Bella Eyes gel Powder Eye shadow in Bella Mandarin is the perfect orange shade that you can buy in single form and just incorporate it with other colors you already own! It's only $3.99 and the pigmentation is amazing. I love these Milani shadows, they are smooth and don't fade one bit! Plus, the packaging is so adorable too! ;-)
Top 5 Wearable Orange Makeup Products! (Fall Edition!)
Here is a swatch, it so subtle but the ideal fall shade to blend your eye makeup. Right next to it we have one of my favorite fall blushes, NYX Powder blush in Cinnamon. In the pan it looks like a crazy bright color, like two pumpkins on your cheeks haha. But, when applied lightly it gives such a beautiful flush to your cheeks and it brightens up your face instantly. I adore this blush and the NYX powder blush line in general because they are amazing quality for just $5! I have so many that I managed to get on sale and they don't disappoint. They last a long while and the color selection is just like higher end brands, think of a color and they have it!

These are my top 5 wearable orange makeup products! If you have any orange favorites leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear about it and maybe add it to my wish list! If you have any other colors in mind that you would like to see a Top 5 with leave me a comment as well and I will get to it! :-)


  1. I love orange lippies but I feel like I can't wear them because summer's over, haha. Nice pics! What kind of camera do you use to take lippie pics? I have an iphone but it's not as good quality, and I have a DSLR (Nikon d5000) but it's kinda hard to take selfies with that..

  2. Oh and I also have the NYX blush in Cinnamon! It's such a gorgeous color :)

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! :-) I use a Nikon camera too, this one:$pcmcat324200050004&cp=1&lp=9 and just take it with flash :-)