Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners!

To Infinity & Beyond!

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners
Milani released some cosmic awesomeness and I managed to get my hands on it! :-) I've been hearing/reading so many reviews on these Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners and they have been pretty mixed. Some love them and some feel like Milani in a way tricked us with the glitter over-spray. I decided to give them a try myself and here are my thoughts!
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners
I give Milani props for releasing such a unique collection! The liners look gorgeous in the pan but that glitter goodness is just on the top of each liner, not throughout the product. Priced at only $5.99 I think these are pretty amazing! Unlike most people I'm not upset about the over-spray. It's a beautiful touch to the liners but honestly... would you want a disco ball on your eyes? Not me haha. I love how subtle the shimmers are, they're still noticeable and adds a cool look to your eyes! The actual gel liner is really smooth which is amazing, there's no tugging with application. Here's a closeup of the liners:
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners
*Enchanted Lapis- a sparkling navy blue, this one has gorgeous mix of purple and teal shimmers. This is my favorite from the three! Make sure to click the image to see how stunning the colors are!
*Enchanted Opal- a sparkling black with a mix of silver and magenta shimmers, very pretty! The black base isn't too deep, more of a charcoal.
*Enchanted Emerald- a sparkling emerald with a mix of green, blue and pink shimmers, really unique! The green base is lovely in this one!
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners
As far as wear time, I don't find that they are the most long wearing. They don't set quickly so they are prone to smudging which is a con. But... for me these would be perfect for a night out where you don't need your makeup to last more than 4 hours. These can also be used as bases which is why I think they stay so creamy. The colors are perfect for smokey eyes! They all come with a liner brush which is amazing quality so make sure to keep them.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a cool gel liner that isn't going to last you all day than this would be ideal for you! It's super affordable and perfect for those days that you want to spice up your look. The colors are amazing and like you see in the swatch the shimmer is visible but not as opaque as in the pan. Keep in mind... you're also getting a lot of product! There's 4 grams of product in each so these will last you a long time. These are limited edition so if you've been thinking about it, I'd say go for it! :-)


  1. So so pretty. I need to get my hands on these :D

    1. Yeah they are pretty cool!! :-) Thanks for stopping by!