Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: NYX Intense Butter Glosses! (Napoleon, Funnel Delight, Spice Cake & Toasted Marshmallow!

Talk About Intense!

NYX Intense Butter Glosses
Let me start off by saying the name is so fitting! haha. When NYX said intense they weren't kidding! I'm obsessed with the original butter glosses so I was very intrigued by these when they initially released. They retail for $6 which is a great price! There's many colors to choose from so if you like bold, opaque colors these may be for you!
NYX Intense Butter Glosses
The applicator is key with this lippie. It's flat on both side to make it easy to apply your gloss evenly. Just close your lips over it and swipe and wahlaaa! I'm a fan because it's functional.
NYX Intense Butter Glosses
Here are the colors, just one swipe across! I love a bold lip but the formula has to be done right. In this case I think it missed the mark. Even though the color payoff is out of this world, it's so intense that any mistake is magnified to the extreme. You will need a lip liner to make sure it looks put together, otherwise it will end up looking like a hot mess. Since it's a gloss it transfers and doesn't last all day. It's comfortable on the lips, just a tad on the thicker side for my liking. Let's get into swatches:
NYX Intense Butter Glosses
*Napoleon: a bright warm pink, great shade! It's a lovely shade of pink that would be great for this time of year.
*Funnel Delight: a super bright hot pink... love the color! It makes your lips look very plump which is always a plus in my book ;-)
NYX Intense Butter Glosses
*Spice Cake: a deep plum which is one of my faves! This shade is perfection for fall! I've worn this one the most.
*Toasted Marshmallow: a gorgeous deep mauve-purple. Another great shade because it's pretty unique!

Bottom line: I would've loved the glosses if they were slightly tweaked. I think these colors would've been better off being a stain because as a gloss it requires a lot of maintenance. I love the shades and how juicy they make your lips look but I want something to last and these are not long wearing. Again, this is just my personal taste. If you're in the market for a super duper pigmented gloss these are a great choice and the price is unbeatable! :-)

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