Friday, March 13, 2015

Must Haves: bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette!

Truly Amazing!

bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
You know something is good when you own so much makeup but you keep reaching for the same palette over and over again! Missy Lynn or Start2FinishMUA is someone I've been watching on YouTube for years. When I first saw that she was releasing her own palette with bh Cosmetics I was so excited to get my hands on it haha. She is such an inspiration and so relatable, definetely one of favorites to watch! :-) The Missy Lynn Palette retails for $18.95 but I purchased it during a sale for only $11.95... such a bargain! It comes with six pretty large shadow pans and two baked eyeshadows/highlighters which makes this palette so versatile. It has such an incredible color selection that is suitable for any skintone!
bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
You all know that I love little details that companies add to their products. This quote is a great one and it's such a nice touch to have, inspiration before your makeup application.
bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
Here's an overview of the palette. The overall color scheme is beautiful! I love how the packaging matches the actual makeup inside. I also enjoy the diversity of finishes in the palette. My favorite thing in this palette is the baked shadows/highlighters, they look amazing all over the lid and super gorgeous on your cheekbones! Initially I thought they would be too dark for my face but they both look stunning on!
bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
The size of these shadows are so generous! I don't see myself hitting pan anytime soon haha. bh Cosmetics makes great shadows, really smooth and pigmented. These are all super nice in texture, the only one that was slightly powdery was the purple shade on the bottom right corner but nothing horrible.

bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
Here are the swatches. That second shade is gorgeous! I love to use it all over the lid for a daytime smokey eye. The shade next to it is amazing too, awesome color for adding dimension in the outer corner. My favorite shade within the shadows is the fourth shade, it's the perfect crease/transition shade! Purples are the perfect pops of colors for us brown eyes girls so I'm excited to have those in this palette too.
bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
Here are the highlighters. The first one is more of a rose gold and the second one has more true gold to it. I'm a huge fan of these because they are baked, it gives a prettier sheen on the cheeks! They go on pretty smooth, no chunky glitters. 
bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
I wore the palette to work recently and got a few compliments! It's always a great day when someone asks what you're wearing :-D I added the last purple shade on my lower lash-line to slightly smoke it out and it turned out really pretty!
bh Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette
I used the first baked shade all over the lid, love it!

This palette quickly made it to my must haves category! It's affordable and truly amazing quality! It's great for day to night looks and even though it has your typical neutral shades, it's far from boring! I love the pops of color it has and I adore the highlights too. This palette will be suitable for anyone and having the Missy Lynn approval is pretty damn cool haha. :-)


  1. Those are some pretty and natural eyeshadow makeup looks you have and the packaging is cute too. I love the packaging of BH cosmetics. I just got their 80s palette.

    By the way...I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award! More information is here and please tag as many people as you like!

    1. Yes bh Cosmetics is amazing at packaging! Thanks for the nomination, that's awesome,I really appreciate it! I will make sure to check it out and tag a few people! :-)