Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet! (Meteoric Matte & Burning Lava!)

Great Formula!

Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet! (Meteoric Matte & Burning Lava!)
Rimmel London is participating in the matte trend with their new Show Off Lip Velvet! I'm personally loving the matte trend and I'm on the search to find the best formula so I decided to give these a try :-) They're actually one of the most affordable in the market at about $5 each. There's five shades in the line and I have two to share with you!
They're packaged just like their lacquer formula but with a matte feel to them. The pigmentation is outstanding! In just one swipe you get bold, opaque color, such a fan of the formula! They are very similar to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams but with a bit more color pay off to them and (hurts to admit haha) more comfortable! The NYX ones are one of my faves in the matte lip cream department but I'm kinda surprised with these, in a good way!
Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet! (Meteoric Matte & Burning Lava!)
The applicator is pretty awesome, it has a little dent where the product settles, just enough to go around your lips once. I find that these don't actually dry to the fullest which helps with how comfortable they feel. They stay slightly emollient so your lips don't feel dry at all. That also becomes an issue because after a few hours the color tends to feather out the lip lines so it doesn't look as crisp as when your first applied. But these two colors are GORGEOUS! So the feathering doesn't bother me too much haha. I do recommend to wear a lip liner with them.
Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet! (Meteoric Matte & Burning Lava!)
Here are the swatches. The pigmentation is amazing, look how bright and vibrant they look! They last a good 6 hours. They feel so good on the lips and personally I think they make your lips look better and even! Lets get into lip swatches:
Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet! (Meteoric Matte & Burning Lava!)
*Meteoric Matte- a stunning berry shade, definetely a must have! Wears beautifully and feels even better on!
*Burning Lava- a bright red, classic color!

Bottom line: I'm obsessed with these! The price is unbeatable and they compare to highend lip creams I've tried that are triple price or more. The only thing you need to make these perfect is a lip liner to prevent the feathering... other than that these are a drugstore gem! I truly hope that they release a ton more colors because I love'em!  :-)

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