Monday, March 16, 2015

Review: NYX High Definition Blushes! (Intuition & Electro!)


NYX High Definition Blushes! (Intuition & Electro!)
I tend to accumulate tons of NYX products because they are such amazing quality at a great price! Hands down one of my favorite drugstore brands :-) I'm a self proclaimed blush hoarder (haha) so when the NEW NYX High Definition Blushes released I wanted them all... but then I came into my senses and only picked two. I've had these for about a month so I've given them a fair chance and here are my thoughts!
NYX High Definition Blushes! (Intuition & Electro!)
They retail for $6.50 so just a little bit more than their original powder blushes. There's a few finishes in the line, I went with a shimmer blush and a matte one just to test the waters. The color range is very extensive with a few new shades and other reformulated ones (like Taupe) from the original line.
NYX High Definition Blushes! (Intuition & Electro!)
Packaging is everything on these! They are super slim and pretty adorable with the bow detail, love it! I love how large the pan is, makes it simple to get your brush in there without a problem. I wanted so bad to love these but the formula is so smooth to the point of being powdery and crumbly. I experienced that more with the shimmer blush, powder was everywhere! It was a huge turn off, I hate the mess and it just gets everywhere... annoying. The matte blush wasn't too bad. It went on nicely and lasted all day! I do give them that, once they're on they don't budge.
NYX High Definition Blushes! (Intuition & Electro!)
*Intuition- a pink with golden shimmers, beautiful color but awful formula. Once on it's OK but I wouldn't pick this color over my other blushes. The mess is too much in my opinion. But if you're looking for a similar color to Nars Orgasm this one is pretty close!
*Electro- a bright matte fuchsia shade, really pretty and vibrant! The formula was better with this one, not so much fall out. The pigmentation is great but keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

Bottom line: I had high hopes but I'm not loving these blushes. I highly recommend the $5 powder blushes over these because they're easier to work with. I can't see past the fact that they crumble easily. Ugh.... I wish it were different because the packaging is definetely an upgrade! :-)


  1. Oh gosh, both colors are fantastic. While I love bold colors like Electro, Intuition would better suit my skin.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Intuition is a beautiful color! :-) Thanks for stopping by!