Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzer!

So Silky!

E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzer
Hey everyone! Hope you're having an amazing day! I'm getting my things sorted in my new home and finally found my camera haha. I have a bunch of new items to review so stay tuned for that! They just keep piling up... but hey, I'm a makeup lover! ;-) Today we have a review on the NEW E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzers that I purchased from They retail for $5 each, at the time the mineral line was 50% off so I got a great deal on them. There's four shades total in the line and I must say, they are amazing!
E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzer
Three out of the four would work as bronzers on my skin tone and one of them would make a gorgeous highlight! On my skin two out of the four look matte which is a plus in my book. I really like that the line offers mattes and shimmers. The darkest shade in the line would also suite medium-deep skin tones so the color range is also great!
E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzer
I love the Mineral Pressed Blushes and I initially thought these would be very similar in formula but they do differ. These are super soft to the touch which causes plenty of fall out. It's really easy to make yourself look muddy because the brush collects a lot of product with just one swipe. I would suggest to always tap your brush on your hand before application that way its easier to blend.
I'm loving the tones the line has to offer! There's more gray cool tones, peachy tones and red tones which makes the line very versatile. You can use one for just bronzing and use another for contouring. Here are the swatches:
E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzer
*Baked Peach- a very light peachy shade, works best as a highlight and its really pretty. It's the most powdery from the line but beautiful nonetheless. Love the glow it gives!
*Tan Toffee- a golden bronze shade, this is the one I'm using right now for contouring. I'm pretty pale right now which is a sin since its still summer but this is my perfect match! For the most part this color is matte on the skin even though it does have a slight sheen but no shimmer.
E.L.F Mineral Pressed Mineral Bronzer
*Beach Bronze- a medium bronze-taupe shade with shimmers. This shade is beautiful but too dark for me at the moment. It would make a great bronzing shade if I had a tan haha.
*Caramel Cabana- a medium reddish brown bronzer, another great satin matte color. Super smooth and pigmented like the rest!

Bottom line: These bronzers are worth the price! I love the color range and the formulation. They are infused with Vitamin E and Grape which provides great benefits for the skin. The colors work perfectly year round and for only $5? That's a bargain! The peachy shade is the only one that was a bit powdery and wasn't really a "bronzer" color. So if you're looking for great contour shade or one to bronze up your skin just skip the first shade and purchase the rest. Lookout for sales because E.L.F is notorious for having them all the time! :-)


  1. gorgeous!! Waiting for the next sale and stocking up on a bunch of elf mineral stuff :)

    1. Best way to do it!! These bronzers and the blushes are amazing! :-)