Monday, September 1, 2014

Must Haves: Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors! (Part 1!)

One Of My Favorite Formulas!

Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors
I'm trying to decide if this is my favorite lipstick formula from the drugstore... and I'm leaning towards YES! The Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors are amazing and affordable, my favorite combo! They retail for about $4 depending on where you go but more often than not they are on sale. I managed to stock up on new colors recently for only $2 each via I recently moved and these were the only lipsticks I packed in my makeup bag because I just love them that much haha. In the mist of moving and searching for my makeup I gave up and just wore a simple eye with a pop of color on the lips. You can never go wrong with that look and these were my bff's at the time! :-)
Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors
The color range is amazing! I also love the packaging, super sleek and pretty. The formulation is so creamy and pigmented which is what sold me on these... and made me want every single one of them. Your lips feel moisturized throughout the entire day with these and the color stays put for a good 6+ hours. I do like this formula better compared to the Mega Last line from Wet n Wild because those tend to be a bit more drying on the lips but nonetheless Wet n Wild makes fabulous lipsticks! Here are some swatches:
Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors
They glide on so smooth and the color is so rich on the lips, I just cant say enough great things about these! :-) Here are some lip swatches:

Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors Bebot Love and Penthouse Sweet

*Bebot Love- a creamy beige nude, one of my favorites because I have a hard time finding flattering nudes and this one is a total hit!
*Penthouse Sweet- a blue tone pink, really wearable if compared to some of the neon-like colors that are similar. Love the shine on this one!
Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Colors Old School Glam and Ferguson Crest Cabernet
*Old School Glam- an orange based red, a beautiful shade of red that can be worn now in the summer time and transition over to fall.
*Ferguson Crest Cabernet- a deep berry/plum shade... stunning! If you didn't guess already this is one of my favorites! I love these berry tone lipsticks and this one is gorgeous!

Bottom line: If you haven't tried these already make sure to pick some up! I used them all the time and even though I try a lot of different products I always come back to these. I will have a part two with more colors so stay tuned for that. A lot of new product reviews and dupes are coming as well, I just need to get situated at my new home and find my camera haha. :-) Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment, that always makes my day!

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