Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: NYX Butter Lipsticks!

Smooth Delights!

NYX Butter Lipsticks
You guys know I'm in love with the NYX Butter Glosses (check out that review!) so I just had to try the NYX Butter Lipsticks! The glosses are amazing so I kinda purchased these with high expectations. The line has 22 shades ranging from nudes to brighter colors (my favorite!). Based on other reviews it was clear that the lighter shades weren't the best. They seem to be inconsistent in pigmentation and application so I stayed away from those. I love the colors that I chose, I didn't have any problems with them and they look beautiful on. These cost $6 each and can be found on or
NYX Butter Lipsticks

So there's a lot of things that make these lipsticks amazing. First off the packaging is super cute! The color of the tube is exactly what you get. I love how bright and festive they look, it's just something that you want to take with you everyday haha. Another great thing about these is that they are ridiculously smooth! Just like the name, they feel like butter. The pigmentation is awesome and formula of these just makes your lips look juicy... and who wouldn't want that?! I also enjoy the way the lipstick is shaped. It looks like any other lipstick but the point makes it so easy to fill in the shape of your lip perfectly without bleeding out the lines.  Here are some lip swatches and I'll go ahead and list the names below.
NYX Butter Lipsticks

From left to right:
*Sweet Tart- Medium pink, perfect for spring!
*Razzle- Bright Fuchsia
*Hunk- Berry violet, perfect for transitioning from winter to spring!
*Mary Janes- True red
Bottom line: I love these lipstick and would definitely recommend them! They are very moisturizing and have wonderful color payoff. My only complaint is that they don't have a smell. One of the things I loved about the Butter Glosses was the frosting cupcake smell but these don't have that. I was a little bummed but it's not a deal breaker. I personally would recommend the brighter, more vibrant colors because the lighter nudes didn't get the best reviews. Try them out, you will love them! :-)


  1. Ooo these sound lovely! I could see me picking one up in the future. ^_^