Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers!

New Liquid Lipstick!

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers
Judging by the picture you might think I went a bit crazy this time around... and I did! I was so excited to find out that the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers were being released in the United States! All the hype they got in the UK made me want them so bad. So... I decided to purchase all of these beautiful shades! Keep in mind... I don't enjoy shimmer nor glitter in my lip products so I only purchased the ones with a cream finish. I always gravitate towards bright colors but this time I wanted to add some more muted colors to the mix just to see how good they were. Alright so lets talk prices! I purchased these on for $4.99 + BOGO! I couldn't pass up that deal! They came in the mail very quickly, no more than 5 days.
The packaging on these is very original! The caps look like a meteor or crater haha and all the names are galaxy themed. I love the gradient effect it has and how the color of the tube is also the color you'll be getting. Speaking of the colors... they are amazing! I do have to say, the brighter colors have a better application than the nudes. I find that the more muted colors come off a bit patchy and streaky. But the brighter colors are opaque in one swipe and the color is as vibrant as the tube. I really enjoy the formula! It doesn't feel thick on the lips and once it dries the color stays on all day without settling or flaking off. My only con is the smell. I honestly can't describe it and that's probably why I'm not a fan of it haha. It smells a bit sweet yet floral. Once its on the lips for a bit you can't detect it but for me it's still kinda unpleasant.
Here are the lip swatches:
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers
From left to right:
*Apocaliptic- A fuchsia red, so pretty on!!
*Stellar- A bright coral with red tones
*Aurora- A light coral, will be great for spring! :-)
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers

From left to right:
*Celestial- A pinky mauve, one of my favorites for everyday!
*Luna- A peachy nude. Leans towards the orange side on my lips... not a fan.
*Nude Eclipse- A nude beige. My least favorite... looks like concealer on my lips haha.
Bottom line: I would really recommend the brighter colors in the line. Celestial is one of the nude colors that I would also recommend because it leans pink and is perfect for everyday. As far as the nudes... I really don't like them. They don't apply as well as the others and the colors are not flattering at all... at least not on me. Overall the formula is great! It leaves a pretty shine on yours lips. Once it fades the color is still as vibrant but you can always reapply to get the shine back. It does require some precision to put on so it doesn't bleed. So if you want something you can put on in the car without a mirror this is not the product for you. Other than that I do think they are worth a try and the price isn't bad. Keep an eye out next time you go to the drugstore! :-)



  1. Amazing review, think I may need to purchase a couple of these! I love the two coral shades!

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