Monday, May 18, 2015

Dupe Alert: Drugstore Dupe Of LORAC "The Resort" Palette!

Ready For A Dupe Alert?

Drugstore Dupe Of LORAC "The Resort" Palette
Today I have a very exciting post for you and your pockets! While having a swatch-fest I came across a drugstore alternative for the shadows in the LORAC "The Resort" Palette! This palette released on the Nordstrom site a few months ago and sold out immediately. I recently saw it at Nordstrom Rack for $15 which is an amazing deal for all-in-one palette. But if you're only eyeing the shadows than how does $4 sound? :-D

Drugstore Dupe Of LORAC "The Resort" Palette
This is what the Resort Palette looks like! Pretty neutral colors which is just what you need for everyday looks.
Drugstore Dupe Of LORAC "The Resort" Palette
Here is the drugstore dupe, Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Vinyl Collection! Wet n Wild 6 pan palettes are some of the best and this one is no different. All the colors are smooth and nicely pigmented! This is a total steal at only $4!
Drugstore Dupe Of LORAC "The Resort" Palette
Here are the dupes! I was able to dupe most colors, I left out the black and brown because they're common shades. I swatched them in pairs, to the left is WnW and to the right is LORAC. Pretty similar right? On the eyes they are spot on!  
The Wet n Wild Palette should still be available at your local drugstore so next time you're in the area make sure to pick it up! It's a gem. :-)

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