Friday, May 1, 2015

Review: bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge!

Awesome Value!

bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge
There's so many beauty sponges in the market nowadays. Some are really good and others are just plain terrible. Luckily bh Cosmetics released their amazing version called the Studio Pro Beauty Sponge! Not only is it priced so well it also gets the job done flawlessly! Plus it's purple... what more can I ask for? ;-) I managed to catch mine on sale for only $4.95 and it retails for $9.95 which is not bad at all. Some great things to point out about this sponge is that it's latex free, hypoallergenic and odor free which is perfect for you sensitive skin gals.
bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge
If you were to compare this beauty sponge to the Beauty Blender it's pretty similar in size, I'd say this one is wider and more round which is awesome for covering more surface when applying your foundation. The point is also pointier which is great for getting into those hard to reach areas around your nose or under your eyes. Overall I love the shape of this one better!
The material is very different. This one isn't as bouncy as the beauty blender, it's actually a bit stiff. The material also doesn't absorb much water nor product. When using it wet with my foundation the product stayed on the surface which was great because it means a little will go a long way! The picture above is the sponge when dry.
bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge
This is what the sponge looks like wet. It definitely plumps up!  The texture becomes so smooth making your foundation and concealer airbrushed! I love the finish if give your makeup/skin!

Bottom line: I'm a huge fan of this beauty sponge! It's one of the best I've used and the price is pretty amazing! Even though it's different from the beloved beauty blender sponge it's just as good (or better!) The texture will take some getting use to but trust me when I say you can't go wrong! :-)

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