Monday, April 20, 2015

Best Drugstore Brow Pomade & Brush Combo!

Keep Your Brow Game Strong!

Best Drugstore Brow Pomade & Brush Combo
Today I have a pretty exciting post for you guys! My brows are a work in progress but I recently discovered the best drugstore combo that helps my brows look amazing! (on fleek as some may say! haha) I love the look of a thicker and more defined brow. With that said since I don't necessarily need to draw my entire brow from scratch I was looking for a product that would fill in my gaps and give definition. A good brow brush is also key and today I'm super excited to share with you the stars of my brow routine! :-)
Best Drugstore Brow Pomade & Brush Combo
First off we have the E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Duo Brush which is only $3 guys! It's a new release from E.L.F and it's awesome! I've been searching for a duo brush like this one for a while and once I saw it on their site I was like "SOLD!" haha. Their studio line brushes are must haves and this one is no different. The spoolie end is so good! It's nice and sturdy and quickly puts those brow hairs in place. The angled side is exactly what I was looking for. It's small enough to fill in every nook and cranny! It can also double up as a liner brush!
Best Drugstore Brow Pomade & Brush Combo
This is the NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Espresso! It's only $7 and totally worth it. There's five shades to choose from, I choose Espresso which is more of a deep brown and it's the perfect shade for me. I was so scared of pomades before but this is the most simple product to use for your brows. A little goes on a long way and it's pretty pigmented but the spoolie makes everything look even. I just dip the angled side and use the cap to take of the excess. My brows are done in like 2 mins! Once it's on it stays put all day which I love! 
Here's a comparison of using a brow pencil and the brow pomade. I wasn't the best with the pencil to begin with but I find the brow pomade is way easier to use!
Best Drugstore Brow Pomade & Brush Combo
You can find the brush on the E.L.F Website and the pomade on the NYX Website or Ulta. For a total of $10 your brows will go from 0 to 100... real quick (I had to! haha) I hope this post was helpful and if you've tried this combo leave me comment down below with your thoughts! :-)

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