Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dupe Alert: Drugstore Version Of The Kat Von D Monarch Palette!

Get The Look For Less!

I recently reviewed the Kat Von D Monarch Palette (which is amazing!) and began a hunt for an affordable alternative! I remembered that I once saw a similar palette from the Wet n Wild  line and on my last trip to Walgreens I found it! At the time it was also on sale so always make sure to check Walgreens for some great deals! The palette is from the Fergie Center Stage Collection in the name Desert Festival. It retails for about $4 and totally worth it! These palettes tend to be highly pigmented yet really blendable. They have a bunch of different ones from neutrals to bright colors but this one is my current favorite!  Here's a close up of the palette:
Isn't it stunning!?! Wait till you see the swatches! haha. There's two matte shades which is the one in the center and the orange one on the top right. The rest are either satin or shimmer finishes.
These are the colors swatched, those orange shades are beautiful! Out of all the colors I found three that are in the Monarch palette. Now, these are in the same color family but not exactly the same. You can basically get the same look for less with this palette. The Monarch palette is more versatile because it also has cooler shades in the mix but its $46... so if you're in the market for a similar one for less Desert Festival is the one for you! :-) Here's the colors that I found to be similar:
The first dupe is the cream-beige color from WnW with Killing Jar from the MP, they're not identical but you can use them in the same way as an all over lid color. They're both really buttery and smooth. Next up is the orange on the top right corner from WnW and Wrath the MP, the one in the WnW palette is brighter but once it the crease it adds that warmth to your look that you get with the one from the MP! The last one is actually the closest in color and finish from my dupes. The center brown shade in the WnW is almost identical to the color Shadow Box from the MP! Both are matte and the ideal shade to deepen up your eye look.
Bottom line: Even though the two palettes are not identical, overall you can get the same look with both. I still adore my Monarch Palette but for a quick fix I use my Wet n Wild one! I highly recommend to pick it up because you'll find that you can create many different looks with it! Hope this comparison was helpful, if you any questions leave me a comment down below! ;-)


  1. Wow, great find!! The swatches look great, I have to check if I spot this at Walgreens.

    1. Thanks!! The WnW palette is amazing! Hopefully you can find it! :-)