Sunday, June 15, 2014

Must Haves: Julie G Nail Polishes!

Great Formula!

Julie G Nail Polishes
Hello, my name is Reina and I'm a nail polish addict! haha now that we've established that I have a great post for you guys today. I finally decided to give the Julie G nail polishes a try after hearing so many wonderful things about them lately. I ordered mine from, $3.99 each and they offer free shipping over $20 so really great prices! The bottle initially reminded me of Essie nail polishes which are a hit or miss for me. But these... are superb! The formula is on point and the color range is amazing. I'm so happy I gave these a try! :-)
Julie G Nail Polishes
These can be worn with just one coat which is what I love! I hate nail polishes that takes a lot of building up because they take forever to dry. These are opaque in one coat so on days that you're on the run these would be perfect. Another great thing about these is that they are long lasting. Normally my nails would chip in 2-3 days with other nail polishes but with these they last a week! I also noticed somewhat of hardening effect that I'm digging. My nails just feel stronger when I use these polishes!
Another great thing about the company itself is their customer service. Initially there was a mix up with my order where I ended up with a color I didn't order. I sent them an email and by the next day they had my nail polish in the mail, no questions asked! I was so impressed and happy! I work in the customer service industry and I get excited when other companies do everything they can to provide excellent customer service. Plus, I got to keep the extra color! ;-) haha.
Julie G Nail Polishes
Here are the colors that I purchased:
*Tahiti- a mint green with teal micro shimmers, on the nails the shimmers aren't noticeable.
*Old San Juan- a peachy coral with a cream finish, one of my favorites from the order! This color is dear to my heart because of the name (since I'm from Puerto Rico). This was the one that inspired my order! :-)
*Cabana Boy- a bright royal blue with a cream finish, another awesome color for the summer.
*Birthday Suit- a nude baby pink with a cream finish, can't wait to try this one!
*You-niverse- a duo chrome of bronze, blue and green... stunning! Most duo chromes don't translate well on the nails but this one was gorgeous on! Highly recommend this color! :-)
Julie G Nail Polishes
Bottom line- I'm loving these polishes, hopefully you can give them a try if you haven't yet! I haven't seen them at my local drugstores although I heard that some Rite Aids carry the Julie G line. Ordering online is still a great deal. The colors are unique and the formula is on point! Shipping is fairly quick too. I can't wait to order some other colors! :-) 

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