Friday, June 20, 2014

Tips: How To Save Money At The Drugstore- Walgreens Edition!

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Walgreens Coupons
Today I have a very exciting (and informative) post for you guys! We all love to save money and probably think we're getting the best deal out there right now. But I've learned a thing or two from shopping at my local Walgreens that I'm hoping will show you how much you can really save! Out of all the drugstores I love me some Walgreens haha. It's right around the corner plus I have my prescription there too... super convenient! Walgreens always has some great deals on beauty and skincare products. Here are the ways you can save:
Walgreens Coupons
I'm sure we've all heard of the Balance Rewards card...if you haven't signed up yet I highly recommend to do so! It's free and all the deals like the BOGOs require for you to have the card to honor the deal. It's quick and simple! Plus if you ever leave your card at home you can always input your phone number and the deals still apply! You earn points fairly quick and once you reach 5000 points you can redeem it as $5 on your next purchase. The Balance Rewards Card pairs perfectly with the next option.
Walgreens Coupons
Wahlaaa! Here you have the Walgreens Monthly Savings book! You can find this as soon as you enter your walgreens and also throughout the store. Every month you'll find a bunch of coupons for all of your favorite products that is specific to Walgreens. You can't use these outside of the store but wait for's free! It's as if they're handing you free money every month! haha. So these coupons work in conjunction with the balance rewards card. Another great thing about these coupons is that they can be used on products on sale, such as BOGOs, and it applies to each product! On top of that you can use manufacturer coupons that you can find online or in your Sunday paper. I love the idea of the savings book and at the end of the day you're getting an amazing deal! Now... next up is my favorite tip.
Walgreens Coupons
The Walgreens app is a must have! There's so many things you can do with it like: request a refill for your prescription, search through the weekly ad, look at the monthly savings book, create a shopping list and clip coupons that are automatically loaded to you balance rewards card. I'm sure there's more things I haven't discovered yet but those are my top uses for the app! The clipless coupons are additional coupons to the ones in the monthly savings book so there's another little bit of savings. I love how you can just load them to your card in seconds.
If you love to be organized like me (for the most part haha) you'll find super handy the fact that you can glance through the weekly ad before going to the store. That way you can create a list of the things you want and prepare for the sales! Every Sunday the weekly ad updates on the app and that's when all the new sales start in store so its a very convenient tool. You can also keep track of the points that you've earned.
So there you have it! These are my tips and tricks on saving money at your local Walgreens. Hopefully this was helpful and if you have any other money saving tips make sure to leave a comment down below! :-)

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