Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents! + Lorac Unzipped Dupes!

Rose, Coppers and Golds Oh My!

Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
I immediately fell in love with the Revealed Palette so when I received an email about the release of the Revealed 2 Palette I didn't hesitate to place my order! Just like the original this palette retails for $19.95 but at the time it was on sale for only $9.95! Such an amazing deal, I couldn't pass it up. This palette is full of beautiful bronze and rose shades, similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I don't own that palette but from comparing swatches I found online... there's so many dupes of the Naked 3 in this palette!
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
Here's what the palette looks like! It's the same packaging as the first... still no mirror but that's beside the point haha. The color selection is gorgeous! The first row of shades is full of rose golds and coppers. The bottom row is the deeper bronze and plum shades... amazing! There's a nice amount of matte shades to blend out your looks which is a huge plus. The formulation of these shadows is so smooth and rich, very comparable to high end shadows.
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
When I first glanced at the palette I thought about my Lorac Unzipped palette. I found a few dupes from that palette so this one would make a great alternative! The Unzipped palette retails for $40 while this one has more colors and its less... need I say more? ;-)
Here are the swatches by row:
First row
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
Second row
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
Look how pigmented they are! I'm truly impressed with the quality of the palette. I did want to include the dupes that I found and to make it easier I decided to number the shadows so they can be distinguished.
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
The Lorac shadow will be on the left and the Revealed 2 shadow on the right.
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
*Lorac Undercover and #2
*Lorac Unbelievable and #9
*Lorac Unattainable and #10
Revealed 2 Palette By Coastal Scents
*Lorac Unconditional and #11
*Lorac Unbridled and #13
*Lorac Undiscovered and #3
Bottom line: This palette is amazing! If you've been lusting over the Naked 3 or the Unzipped palette you'll definitely love this palette because its the best of both worlds! You can sign up for price alerts on so you can order it once it's back on sale. The shadows are long wearing and perform very well! I'm so happy I own both the Revealed and Revealed 2, both are A+ palettes! If you want more information on the first Revealed palette (which is comparable to the Naked 1 & 2) make sure to check out my full review by clicking here! :-)

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