Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: NYX Cosmetics Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk Til Dawn!

Another Neutral Palette?

NYX Cosmetics Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk Til Dawn
I love NYX lip products but I've never given their shadows a chance. I've heard great things about their single shadows but you know my love for palettes haha. The NYX site has many palettes to choose from. From the Dream Catcher line I decided to test out the one called Dusk Til Dawn. It retails for $15 which is a great price for the amount of shadows that you get! The colors were more in the rose and bronze color family which initially reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I don't own that one but this seems to be a great alternative! :-)
NYX Cosmetics Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk Til Dawn
I'm really impressed with the quality of this palette! All the shadows were super smooth to the touch and had great pigmentation! I love how quick and simple it is to come up with a look. There's certain palettes that you just stare at with "???" in your eyes because the colors just don't work well together but this palette is the complete opposite. It took one glance and I knew exactly the look I wanted! Here's a close up of the colors:
NYX Cosmetics Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk Til Dawn
These colors remind me so much of the Naked 3 palette especially the first color! Its a dark brown/violet shade with pink shimmers just like the shade in the Naked 3. All the shades are beautiful and will leave you looking like a bronzed goddess! I've used these both wet and dry and had no issues. Here are the swatches with primer:
NYX Cosmetics Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk Til Dawn
Gorgeous! The last shades in each row are matte which is great! The third shade on the first row makes a great highlight. It's a well rounded palette! Oh btw: I had no idea that you can slide the shadow tray to the right and a mirror plus applicator appears underneath! Such a cool idea without making the palette too bulky.
Bottom line: I really like this palette! I can see myself using this on a daily basis because of its simplicity. I love palettes that bring out my creative side and I feel like this palette does that. With one glance... BOOM! I know exactly the look I want to go for. These shadows are so silky and provide great color payoff. I really have no complaints... well it is hard to open haha but other than that its amazing! :-)

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