Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes!

Highlight + Blush!

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes
Maybelline released these highlighting blushes a few months ago and I'm now getting around to reviewing them haha. I know I know... but initially I had mixed feelings about these and needed to test them out for a bit longer before posting a review. These retail for about $7-$10 depending on where you go. I was super curious to give these a try because of the highlighting aspects, its really convenient to have a one stop product that can both add color to the cheeks and illuminate. These get the job done but depending on your taste you will love these or hate them.
Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes
These are a bit powdery but nothing that would stray me away from using them. The color selection includes all the basics and they are all beautiful shades. Once you swirl your brush around the color payoff is amazing! There's no chunky glitters in these which is refreshing... the last thing you want is to look like a disco ball haha. Now, I find that some of the colors work with this formula but others don't.
Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes in Nude
Nude- this is the lighter of the bunch and my favorite! Out of the ones I have I highly recommend this one because it's gorgeous on the cheeks! The color leans more of a rosey beige. It's perfect for just a highlight or for some subtle color on the cheeks that won't battle with the rest of your makeup. Love this one! :-)
Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes in Coral
Coral- this shade is also really pretty. If you love coral blush then this is the one for you. I don't find it to be super unique or a must have but it still performs well.
Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes in Pink Rose
Pink Rose- this is one is my least favorite. I find that the formula isn't as flattering as the others. This color accentuates my pores and I can't find a way to make it work which is always a sad day in my world haha. Here are the swatches:
Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes
Bottom line: these blushes were a hit and miss for me but in my honest opinion I highly recommend the nude one! I find that its amazing and truly a gem from the drugstore. The rest for me are not must haves and you can pass on. I think the price point is great, you get a mirror on the bottom and a brush too. I was hoping to love them all but such is life. :-)

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