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Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

Simply Delightful!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! Wohoo! (*jumps for joy!*) I was going back and forth about it in my mind but I finally decided to go for it after I found out HSN had a great deal going on! Nouveau Cheap posted the deal on her blog so instead of paying $49 I got it for only $29 + free shipping! I couldn't pass that up and I'm so happy I purchased  it because I love it!
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
So the box is meant to be the candy bar wrapper and the palette is in the shape of a chocolate bar... how cute is that?! The packaging is gorgeous! As soon as you open the palette you're hit with a sweet cocoa powder scent that's so yummy. There's a total of 16 shadows, a mix of mattes and shimmers that are infused with actual cocoa powder. It has a nice sized mirror too so its a great palette for travel, specially now that the palette is slimmer. This palette is all around unique!  Here's what the shadows look like:
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
All these shadows are rich in pigment and buttery smooth. I'm amazed at how little product you need to achieve a look! The highlight shades are bigger than the rest which is genius since you tend to use those the most; they double up as an all over the lid color. My favorite thing about this palette is the color selection. It has a great mix of neutrals but also some great plums for a pop of color. Lucky me those colors bring out brown eyes! ;-) I decided to swatch the palette right down the middle so here's the first half:
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
*Gilded Ganache- a dark brown with olive-gold shimmer.
*White Chocolate- a creamy beige with a matte finish, great highlight shade!
*Salted Caramel- a warm orange toned brown with a matte finish, one of my favorite blending shades of the palette!
*Marzipan- a peachy gold shade with a metallic finish, great inner corner highlight.
*Semi-Sweet- a medium brown with red tones and a matte finish. It's not as pigmented as the rest but still a pretty shade to darken up your eye look.
*Hazelnut- a medium golden brown with a slight sheen, really pretty!
*Crème Brulee- a dark gold with a metallic finish, my favorite to wear all over the lid!
*Haute Chocolate- a bronze brown with a golden sheen, another great shade to darken up your looks!
This side of the palette is more on the neutral side so now lets take a look at the other side that has the pops of colors:
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
*Milk Chocolate- a medium brown with a matte finish, a great color to wear in your crease or to blend out your shadows!
*Black Forest Truffle- a burgundy brown with a gold and red shimmer, a really gorgeous shade! I would love to do a smokey eye with this one.
*Triple Fudge- a dark brown with a matte finish, it doesn't swatch too dark but its a buildable color when you use it.
*Strawberry Bon Bon- a cool toned light pink with a matte finish, its the curve ball color of the palette in my opinion haha. It's a nice pop of color!
*Candied Violet- a medium violet color with a multi-color shimmer, another unique color that looks awesome paired with the browns!
*Amaretto- a bronze- copper brown with a reddish metallic finish, another one of my favorites to place on the outer third of my lid! This one has awesome color payoff and is silky smooth.
*Cherry Cordial- a red-plum brown matte shade with a multi-color micro glitters, when swatched and on the eyes you don't notice the glitters at all. 
*Champagne Truffle- a creamy white base with pink tones and a golden metallic finish, this color has a lot of dimension and would also make a great highlight!
Here's a look that I came up with:
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Bottom line: This palette is a must have! I'm currently rotating this and the Kat Von D Monarch palette, they are both pretty much amazing! Make sure to check out that review if you're interested in that palette. This one is really versatile and even though its a neutral palette it's completely different from the ones that have been out in the market for while. All these colors are all warm... like a cup of hot cocoa! OMG... that chocolate scent got to me! This palette is good enough to eat! haha. I recommend this palette in a heartbeat, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for deal! :-) 

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