Saturday, June 7, 2014

Need it Or Leave it: Essence Single Eyeshadow in Party All Night!

Favorite Single Eyeshadow!

 Essence Single Eyeshadow in Party All Night
Have you ever had that one shadow that you just keep coming back to?!... Well Party All Night by Essence is the one for me! I'm always purchasing palettes and setting my single shadows aside so I made it my mission to start using my singles a little more. This one is now my absolute favorite. It looks amazing all over the lid but I love it even more as an inner corner highlight. It's nicely pigmented and feels so silky... just amazing. For only $2.49 you would be crazy to not give it a try!

 Essence Single Eyeshadow in Party All Night
I'm a sucker for a good metallic shadow. It's really all you need to sweep across your lid and go about your day. It makes you look like you spent some extra time on your makeup even though it took you seconds to apply! This color is so stunning! It's a like a caramel gold color... I don't even know how to describe it haha. You can tell that I use it a lot because my finger is printed on the shadow ;-)
 Essence Single Eyeshadow in Party All Night
Here's the swatch! I love how this color is perfect for brighten up any look. We all know how important it is to look awake even though you didn't sleep and this does the trick. I can't wait to try out more of the colors from this line because this one just really impressed me.
Bottom line: You need this shadow in you life! I can't imagine my collection without because it's such a versatile color. The pigmentation is amazing so no complaints there. Normally we think that affordable products might lack in quality but not in this case, this product is comparable to any of the pricier ones! I also enjoy the fact that you can wear the shadow wet or dry. On your next trip to Ulta make sure to pick this color up, you wont regret it! :-)

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