Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review: ULTA Sculpting Palette!

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ULTA Sculpting Palette
So I don't know about you guys but when I go to Ulta I tend to skip the Ulta Collection products and go straight to the brands I know I love. Last time I was there I noticed these blush, bronzer and highlight trios and knew I had to have them! I recently reviewed a similar product from Hard Candy called the Contouring Face Trio which is the same thing just in baked form. Those were amazing so make sure to check out that review for swatches. I was able to justify the Ulta Sculpting Palettes because they were new and at the time only $6! ;-)
ULTA Sculpting Palette
Don't be fooled by the picture, these are HUGE! There's 15.6 grams of product in these so they are a great value. I did get them on sale but they retail for $14 which is still affordable. Ulta has alot of sales plus the $3.50 off $10 coupon so you can catch them on a deal too. There's a total of three palettes, the one that I'm missing has a more neutral mauve blush so I skipped it for the brighter colors. I have nothing but great things to say about these and overall I'm impressed! These are super nicely pigmented and silky to the touch. They blend so effortlessly that I find myself reaching for it more often than my other blushes and bronzers! I didn't notice any fading at the end of the day when I wore each of them so the lasting power is awesome! Here are the colors and swatches (click on the image to enlarge!):
ULTA Sculpting Palette
*Rosette- this trio has the highlight with pink tones, a lighter bronzer than the other palette and the hot pink blush. It's a gorgeous trio and pairs very well together! The blush is buildable and the highlight is beautiful when it hits the light!
ULTA Sculpting Palette
*Muse- this trio has the highlight with cream-beige tones, a darker bronzer and an orange-coral blush which btw is amazing! This trio caught my attention first and I love it! That blush is like nothing I have, its a darker coral that looks great on. The bronzer is to be used with caution since it's darker but beautiful nonetheless.
Bottom line: I love these trios and they have opened my eyes to the Ulta products. I can't wait to give some of their other products a try because these trios blew me out of the water! I love sets and palettes that simplify our lives. Everything is in one place and paired for you in a foolproof way. You get so much product so these are definitely worth the money! Give them a try! :-)

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