Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: E.L.F Studio Lip Balms SPF 15!

Color + Moisture!

 E.L.F Studio Lip Balms SPF 15
I recently remembered that I had these E.L.F Studio Lip Balms in my little haul bin and I never used them! That is horrible... haha. But when I order from E.L.F I always order a bunch of things because its so affordable! So some products get used more often than others but whats important is that I finally got around to it! ;-) Lets take these babies out of their packaging!
 E.L.F Studio Lip Balms SPF 15
Alright, that's better! So these come in a total of 5 shades, I passed on the clear one so I have all the ones with a tint to review. They retail for $3 so the price is amazing, specially when they're on sale. I'm liking this packaging, its very sleek but from experience they scratch up easily. I have some of the lipsticks from the studio line that has the same packaging and it looks like it was attacked by a cat! haha but... it's what in the inside that counts. So the actual product is amazing! They have a minty scent which is great because they are very soothing on the lips. Instantly they moisturize your lips but you need to keep reapplying throughout the day to maintain that feeling. I don't mind that, besides... since they are tinted I would be doing so anyways just to keep the color look fresh. The fact that they have SPF is also amazing! This is great for these spring/summer days to keep your lips protected.
I didn't expect these to be super pigmented but I was pleasantly surprised! For being a balm these pack a punch. The colors are gorgeous! Here are the swatches:
 E.L.F Studio Lip Balms SPF 15
*Rose- a beautiful rose-red!
*Nude- a nice nude with brown tones, looks amazing on!
*Pink- a baby pink, perfect for the spring!
*Peach- a peachy coral... my favorite! Love it!

Bottom line: These balms are a must have for this time of year! Even when you're not wearing makeup you can just pop one of these on and protect your lips from the sun. They're really creamy and the shades are super pretty. You can find these on the Eyes Lips Face website or you can checkout your local Walmart & Target! For the price you'll be tempted to pick up every color like I did! ;-)

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