Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation + Powder!

New Matte Line!

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation + Powder
Lots of drugstore brands are releasing their own rendition of matte products and it's quite exciting! I love a flawless, matte face but I've tried some so called "matte" foundations and they left my skin looking horrible. Maybelline released their Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation and Powder which are said to mattify and refine pores while still looking natural. Big claims, let's see if it held up! ;-) For reference these are both around $7 at the drugstore, pretty affordable.
Let's start with the foundation:
Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation + Powder
Back in the day I tried the original Fit Me formula but I wasn't a fan. It just never set so the foundation was very visible on my face so I ended up throwing it away. This formula is very different, kinda like opposites! I found my perfect match which is something this line is great at, the color selection is really great. I found that the formula is really quick to dry which means you have to work fast with it. I did half of my face first and then the other side just to make sure everything blended well.
My skin is normal to dry right now so it felt a bit drying when I first tried it. The second time I made sure to moisturize really well and use a primer and it felt amazing! The finish is no doubt matte and very shine controlling! I was very impressed with the lasting power too. I didn't touch up at all which is so not normal for me haha. I was also pretty surprised with how smooth my face looked. My pores weren't as visible as usual so I loved that too!  My only con is that it can look flat when you wear it so I had to bust out my highlighters to bring some life back to my face. 
Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation + Powder
The Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Powder is something I don't consider a must have. If your skin is on the drier side I don't recommend it because it tends to emphasize the dry spots on your face, specially around your nose. I don't find that it provides extra coverage and the foundation dries so quickly that you don't really need to set it. I tend to anyways because of habit haha. I think this powder would work best for someone with oily skin. I can see it being really good for shine control but for someone with dry skin it just leaves your face feeling tight and looking dry. It's a pass for me.
Here's what it looks like on:
Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation + Powder
Bottom line: I really enjoyed the foundation! At first I was "ehh" about it but after giving it a few tries and making sure my skin was hydrated it looked really nice! It's a very long wearing and makes your face a shine free zone which is awesome. It's also pretty affordable! I would personally skip on the powder, it doesn't do much at all. If you've tried it make sure to leave me a comment down below with your thoughts! :-)

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