Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Swatches: E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipsticks! (New Colors!)

Three New Shades!

E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipsticks
I'm truly excited for this post! Eyes Lips Face released three NEW colors within their Studio Moisturizing Lipstick line and they are crazy beautiful! I've reviewed these last year when they first released and loved them! Just to quickly describe them, they are: creamy, hydrating, vanilla scented and wears decently! These are only $3 each, super affordable. These new colors are to die for btw!
E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipsticks
The packaging also changed since I first reviewed them and it's WAY better haha. It's a lot sleeker looking and I love the color indication on the bottom of the tube. 
E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipsticks
Here are the swatches! You can tell how creamy this product is just by the swatch. Plus, it's pretty opaque in 1-2 swipes! It feels amazing on, very hydrating so this would be a great product for the winter time. Let's get into lip swatches :-)
E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipsticks
*Wine Tour- a gorgeous wine- burgundy shade! This one is my my favorite and a must have for sure!
*Crazy Cranberry- a berry red shade, really pretty as well! They have a cranberry shade in their matte line too but if you prefer a glossy finish this is the one for you.
*Orange Dream- a true orange... pretty scary I wont lie! haha. I love how saturated the color is but honestly it's not the most flattering. It's a great color to have for Halloween and such.

These are the three new shades! If you like what you see make sure to place your order on eyeslipsface.com :-) 


  1. I'm obsessed with the Moisturizing Lipsticks! I love both the purple and red shades! I'm not into neon oranges though!

    Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug :)

    1. Yeah the orange is a little out there but the other two shades are amazing! :-)