Monday, February 10, 2014

Dupe Alert: Drugstore Versions Of Mac Lipsticks!

As Close As It Gets!

Mac Lipstick Dupes
So today I wanted to show you guys a few dupes I found for some of my favorite Mac Lipsticks! If there's anything I would always see myself purchasing it would have to be Mac Lipsticks. I don't know what it is... maybe the sleek packaging or just how GOOD the lipstick smells haha. But since they're $15 each it gets super pricey super fast. My method is: buy the Mac lipstick once but find a drugstore dupe of it so you have a back up once you run out. So I wanted to find some duplicates for you guys (within my collection) so you can decide if you should just purchase the drugstore one to save some money! Now... there's many definitions for the term "Dupe". For me, I consider a dupe to be a product that is super identical in color compared to the original. It might have a different finish or texture but the color is the same. I'll go ahead and show you the original and the dupe on my lips so you can see for yourself how close they are! I'll actually be wearing both lipsticks on my lips so its easy to compare; Mac will be on the bottom lip and the dupe on the top! ( Except for the honorable mention!)
Lets begin!
Mac Lipstick Dupes
 Mac Heroine & Revlon Matte Balm in Shameless
Heroine is such a beautiful color! It's a bold purple color which isn't too common at the drugstore so I was super excited to find a dupe for it. Heroine is a Matte lipstick and so is Shameless. They are very similar in texture. Shameless is just a pinch darker than Heroine but it you apply it with a lighter hand you wont notice the difference. Shameless is about $6-7 at your local drugstore.
Mac Lipstick Dupes
Mac Craving & Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose
Craving is one of my favorites lipsticks because it's such a nice neutral plum color. I was a tad upset because the camera and lighting washed it out a bit. *Sigh* I'm working on it! haha.  The color does appear a bit darker on the lips and its so beautiful. Craving is an Amplified finish so it's creamy but still has wonderful lasting power and pigmentation. Plumrose is identical in texture. They both leave your lips with a nice shine and they both smell amazing! Plumrose is about $5-6 at your local drugstore or you can also order from
Mac Lipstick Dupes
Mac Plumful & Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Cranberry Crush
Plumful is one of my most worn lipsticks from Mac! I find that on a day that I don't know what to wear I always end up using this one. It's a Lustre finish which is sheer and glossy. It's a color that you can build up but doesn't really last too long since it is so glossy. Cranberry Crush is super similar in colors. They're both a wearable plum shade that isn't as dark as Craving so it's perfect for everyday. The Jordana option does leave a stain behind once the shine fades so it will last a lot longer than the Mac lipstick. Cranberry Crush is about $3-$4 at your local drugstore. I mainly see them at Walgreens and Kmart.
Mac Lipstick Dupes
Mac Twig & Wet n Wild Lipstick called In the Flesh
Everyone needs that perfect nude color and Twig is mine! I really don't like those concealer nudes so I find that this one is perfect for me. It leans more brown which I love. It's a Satin finish which means it's a more of a matte color without being drying. The Wet n Wild shade is super similar! It's close in color and also texture. I'd say that In the Flesh is a bit more drying on the lips to the point where you need to tug a bit to when using it. But... its only $2-$3 so you save so much money when choosing the drugstore version!
Mac Lipstick Dupes
Mac Vegas Volt & ELF Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie
This color makes me hate the winter time! haha. It's perfect for spring and summer and I'm so excited to wear it! Vegas Volt is new to my Mac collection and I was happy to find such an affordable dupe for it since I plan on wearing it very frequently. It's a bright coral shade with an Amplified finish. This color is super pigmented and creamy, it's just so smooth on the lips! Coral Cutie from ELF is just the same! I have a review on these ELF lipsticks so definitely check it out if you're wanting to know more about them or see some swatches. These ELF lipsticks feel amazing on! I would recommend them any day! They're only $3 on and $1.50 if you find a 50% off coupon code. You can't go wrong with that!
Mac Lipstick Dupes
Mac Riri Woo & NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes (Honorable Mention)
Alright....I have to admit that Riri Woo was an impulse buy! haha. I really thought it looked cool and since I wanted to add a red lipstick to my collection I thought this one would be perfect. The color is super pretty, a bright blue based red. But it's so hard to apply and so drying on the lips. It's a Retro Matte finish which is my least favorite finish. As you can see in the picture, my top lip looks so dry! I decided to include it in the post anyway because I found an alternative for it that I like even better. Mary Janes is also a blue based red and goes on super creamy! It's such a delight to apply that I rather use this one rather than the actual Mac lipstick! They are not alike in texture or finish at all. They're just really similar in color. Mary Janes is about $6 so it's a really great deal for a nice red shade. If you weren't able to get Riri Woo when it launched don't sweat it. I kinda regret buying it and Mary Janes is such a better option!
So these are the dupes that I have for you guys today! I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any of your own dupes please leave them below as a comment. I'd love to know the less expensive alternatives for your favorite Mac Lipsticks! :-)