Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette!

Change It Up With This Palette!

bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette
Blush.... one of my many obsessions! It's one of my favorite make up products to purchase because it's what brings life back to your face! I never owned an actual blush palette before buying this bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette. I'm so happy I purchased it. It's so convenient for traveling to have all the blushes in one place. You have a large range of color to complete any makeup look you can think of. The packaging is nice and slim but still made well to survive through travels. It doesn't come with all the bells and whistles like a mirror or a brush but you really don't need all that.
bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette

Here are the all the colors it comes with! Now these blushes don't have any names. It contains nudes, pinks and berries. It's very versatile and comes with a nice mix of mattes and shimmers. I love the idea of having so many colors and the option of creating your own shade by mixing some of the colors together. They are silky smooth and very pigmented. They are a bit powdery but that wasn't a big deal for me. You just need the tiniest bit on your blush brush to achieve the look you want! So... this palette will most likely last me forever haha. It retails on for $16.95 but I purchased mine on sale for $10.95! Such a great price for all the colors you're getting and bh cosmetics always has sales. I noticed that most of these colors resemble some of the Nars blushes. So if you're looking for an inexpensive alternative I would get this palette in a heart beat. The shades they include are great for the work place all the way to a night out... I love it! I'll go ahead and include the swatches by row. These swatches were done heavily to show off the color itself but once blended out they are all beautiful! Some of the nude/golden shades even make wonderful eye shadows!

bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette
bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette
Bottom line: Get it! I personally love it and find myself using it more than my single blushes. I will still continue to purchase more blushes from other brands because I'm just obsessed (its a problem! haha) but if you're new to makeup this palette is perfect! You have everything you need in one place and it's convenient for travel. I noticed that bh cosmetics sells a different one that looks similar called the professional blush palette but its a lot more muted colors and also has bronzer shades. I prefer this one because it looks more vibrant and bright! Go to their website now and place an order! You will love it as much as I do! :-)


  1. these are really pretty colour and it looks like great quality for the price

    1. Yes! The quality is amazing, I love this palette! <3
      Thanks for stopping by!