Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Coastal Scents Forever Blushes!

Long Lasting Color!

Coastal Scents Forever Blushes
First off... how cute is the packaging!? I just love how bright and full of color it is! Even though it's just the box the blushes come they quickly captured my attention. I love it when companies dedicate time to detail. It's something that keeps me coming back to order new things.
These blushes are from the Forever Blush line. It fairly new to Coastal Scents and it has 18 different colors. These retail for $7.95 each but I managed to purchase them on sale for 50% off. You get a ton of product for that price so no complaints there. They claim to be highly pigmented and long lasting... and that they are! They are so pigmented that I'm scared to use a regular blush brush haha. I used a duo fiber stippling brush for a lighter application but it was still too bright for my liking. I had to blend it out with a kabuki brush to make it look natural. So pigmentation can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you like. The colors with shimmer were a bit powdery. As soon as I used my brush powder got everywhere. That was one of the things I got annoyed with. Other than that I consider these to be really good!
Coastal Scents Forever Blushes
Here are the colors that I chose! I wanted a bit of variety and I'm super happy with my choices. They are beautiful shades and will definitely be flattering on many skin tones. Here are the names:
*Lovely- a deeper coral with a shimmer finish
*Alluring- a deep magenta with a satin finish
*Charming- a medium mauve with a matte finish
*Delicate- a peachy coral with a shimmer finish
They all have a cool design engraved in them! You can see close ups on Here are the swatches for each blush. Keep in mind, I didn't have to fuss with these to get the color payoff you see. It only took 1-2 swipes and they are this pigmented! :-)
Coastal Scents Forever Blushes
From left to right: Delicate, Charming, Lovely and Alluring. They are silky smooth but as you can see from a the picture some are a bit powdery.

Bottom line: I would recommend purchasing these blushes when they are on sale. I think that they are not worth the hassle at full price since they are so powdery but for $3.97 I would say go for it. If I were to compare them to other blushes at a similar price point (like the Elf Studio Blushes) these are more pigmented and the quality is better. You really just need to learn how to work with them so you don't end up looking like a clown. On the plus side, I wore one of the colors to work (8 hours shift) and by the end of the day it looked exactly the same! So overall, I do like these... I just rather save money where I can! ;-)

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