Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette!

Perfect for Valentine's Day!

bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette
On a weekly (ok...maybe daily) basis I search around for the best deals on new products. Last week I was snooping around and came across this palette! It's called the Forever Nude Palette and I have nothing but great things to say about it! :-) For the past few days I've used this palette and I love it! It has 6 eye shadows, 2 blushes, a highlight and 2 lip colors... so basically everything you need is in this palette. As the name says, it's full of nudes but with pink hues, kinda like the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. It retails on the site for $21.95 but it's on sale currently for $11.95( such a great deal!).
bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette
Here's a look at the palette! The entire cover of the palette is a full size mirror, pretty generous and perfect for traveling. And there's the actual palette... it's so pretty! Lets start with the left side. First off is the duo blush, it has a more mauve neutral side and a dusty pink on the other side. Both of the blushes are a satin finish so they leave a beautiful glow on the cheek. They definitely complete the looks you create with the palette. Below the blushes you have 2 lip colors, a neutral and a pink. To be honest I'm not a fan of lip colors in palettes in general. They get messy with all the powder products so I wish they had a cover or something to protect them. But they're still creamy and surprisingly very pigmented! I probably wont use them too much... but its nice to know they're there if needed.
Here are the swatches for the blushes and lip colors.
bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette

bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette
 Alright so lets continue with the rest of the palette! In the middle of the palette there's a highlight shade. Now there's no description on the site for what its meant for. Is it a face highlight.... or is it a brow bone highlight? It's a matte cream shade so not typically what I would use for a face highlight. If it is a brow bone highlight then that's a heck of a lot of product haha. I guess you can use it as you please. So we finally have the eye favorite part of the palette! Even though it's only six shades you can create so many looks! From sexy to sultry to soft everyday looks, these shadows are perfect for that!
bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette

 I swatched the eye shadows by rows from top to bottom. The left row has a shimmery light pink, a medium tone matte pink and a metallic copper. I really love the matte pink! Even though it doesn't look like much it's the perfect crease shade! The copper shade is also beautiful all over the lid. The pigmentation is great and for better color pay off you can use some of them wet.
bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette
Here's the second row! This one has a shimmery copper with pink tones, a satin cream shade and a matte dark brown. I'm in love with the shimmery shade for all over the lid as well, it has a certain shine to it that makes it look beautiful! The cream shade is great for a highlight color and the dark brown is perfect for those days that you want to smoke out your look!

Bottom line: I'm a huge fan of this palette! I think it's nicely made as far as packaging and also everything it includes. It's perfect for travel and because of the colors its also perfect for Valentine's Day! If you can, definitely place an order because shipping is no more than a week (at least for me!) so you should get it just in time. After using it I can see myself reaching for this palette on a regular basis. For the price you can't go wrong, it's a really good deal and great quality. I give this palette two thumbs up and I can't wait to create new looks with it! :-)


  1. I had never heard of this palette before but it is beautiful and I love the colours :)

    1. Yeah it's super pretty! It's fairly new but I'm sure it'll become a hit! :-)