Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Need it Or Leave it: Makeup Geek Pigments!

Will Last You Forever!

Makeup Geek Pigments
Curiosity... such a powerful thing! ;-) I've seen and heard so many great reviews about the Makeup Geek products so I needed to try them out myself. The eyeshadows compare to Mac but at a much affordable price. Marlena, the owner, came up with so many beautiful colors that I just couldn't decide which ones to try! So... I opted for the pigments instead. The selection was still good but there was a lot less to choose from so it was a bit easier. I ordered two pigments... and I really like them! I'll go into detail about each one later on  in the post but lets talk about packaging first. I love how sleek it looks with simple black and white colors! It has a twist off cap and a plastic container... so really simple. one and only con is that it doesn't have a sifter! You have to be extremely careful when opening the pigment because its overflowing with product that gets everywhere. I'm not complaining about how much you get, I just don't want to waste it by being clumsy! haha. Here is a picture of one of the pigments so you have an idea:
Makeup Geek Pigments
Makeup Geek is very generous! I'm not sure if they're adding sitfers on new orders, I purchased mine around the end of January. At the moment they're selling a pack of sifters (5 included!) for only $0.60 so not a bad deal! The sifters weren't available when I initially placed my order but I'm excited that they are now! The pigments retail for $6.99 each so its really a steal to higher end prices. You get so much product and on top of that they are amazingly pigmented... its a win/win! You can go to and see that most of the pigments are a dupe for Mac pigments and at a fraction of the price. I'll go ahead and include the swatches now:
Makeup Geek Pigments
From left to right:
*Nightlife- Light brown/taupe with shimmer
*Insomnia- Dark Brown duo-chrome with teal reflects
On the left is just one swipe of the pigment dry and on the right is the pigment when worn wet for a foiled look! I love these colors, especially Nightlife. It really brings out my brown eyes! There wasn't much fall out when I tried out nightlife. It stayed on all day over a base so I was very pleased! :-)
For the price you have to try them out! If I had to chose only one color out of the two it would be Nightlife since it's the most wearable of the two. When dry its perfect to add a little something to your everyday look and when wet it would look amazing on a night out. If you're more outgoing with your eye makeup there's a nice range of pigments to choose from on the Makeup Geek site. I love that they fill up each container to the rim, this will last you a long time. Just remember to purchase the sifters if you don't want a mess haha. Final verdict? Need! :-)

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