Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree & Organic Cleansing Balm! + How I Clean My Makeup Brushes!

Leave Your Brushes Squeaky Clean!

Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree & Organic Cleansing Balm
For the longest time I was searching for the best method to clean my makeup brushes. In the meantime I was using the Bath and Body Works liquid soaps to clean them and I thought "this will do!" And... it did! It cleaned my brushes and by beauty sponge fine but after using the Benjabelle Cleansing Balm I  realized that it wasn't deep cleaning them and getting all the makeup off! After using both the balm and the Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree I can truly say that I now have a go-to brush cleaning routine! I'm super excited to share these products with you and hopefully if you were in the market for something to leave your brushes squeaky clean you will give this a try! :-)
Here's a close up of the Daisy Tree:
Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree & Organic Cleansing Balm
The Daisy Tree is $19.95... and well worth it! Prior to having this I just laid my brushes flat on a paper towel. It would take forever for the brushes to dry so for that reason I left them drying overnight. With the brush tree your letting the brushes hang with the bristles down so the water drips away, cutting the drying time. Plus, your ensuring that water stays away from the ferulle which holds the bristles together. On you'll find a nice selection of brush trees, they have other sizes that hold more brushes. The Daisy Tree holds 2 large brushes, 4 medium brushes and 8 thinner eye and lip brushes. When you receive the order it comes in 3 pieces that you have to put together. It was super simple to put together which I loved!
Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree & Organic Cleansing Balm
Here's what the Organic Cleansing Balm looks like! I love the attention to detail the company puts into their products! It also makes me super happy that this balm is made with organic ingredients. I mean, its nice to know that you're not cleaning your brushes with chemicals that will eventually end up on your face. Here are the ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Cocoa Butter, Powdered Oatmeal, Aloe Vera and Rosemary Extract. At first glance (and smell! haha) it reminded me of the oatmeal soaps that you can find at your local drugstore. The scent isn't overpowering... I really like it! The balm retails for $14.95 and you get a ton of product! This will last you a nice amount of time!
Here's how it works!
Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree & Organic Cleansing Balm
Just takes a few easy steps! First you wet the bristles of your brush. Then swirl the brush in the balm a few times and use your hand to squeeze out the water/makeup residue. Repeat if needed. Once the water runs clear place the brushes in your brush tree and Waaahla! Just let it dry and your brushes are ready to use! I even used the balm to watch my beauty sponge from Real Techniques and it worked! Here's what the brushes look once in the tree:
Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree & Organic Cleansing Balm
Bottom line: These two products are amazing! They are a dynamic duo and I can't picture not having them. The price isn't bad for the quality items you're getting. Plus, they offer free shipping over $25! I would highly recommend them. The tree makes drying your brushes simple and fast. The balm is perfect for traveling and safe/natural... what more can you ask for? Something that stood out to me is that Benjabelle offers a 100% 30 day money back you have nothing to lose! ;-)
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